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4d · 48
Sushant 4d
The city's so cold;
It doesn't care if I bleed
but I guess I'm just as ignorant
for I keep writing to you,
all this **** that you'll
never read.
Oct 19 · 126
So predictable
Sushant Oct 19
Life doesn't feel like a mystery anymore;
just a repetition of things that I wish I could
Oct 9 · 284
Long night
Sushant Oct 9
The night weeps in silence and all the stray
dogs cry as I look down the window sill,
hoping you'd look up and say goodbye.
Oct 2 · 124
2am realisations
Sushant Oct 2
Stolen moments;
I could never call them mine.
I know a thing or two about heartbreak; Oh for ****'s sake I loved you on borrowed time.
Oct 1 · 68
Holding on to it
Sushant Oct 1
I hold on to our memories; that's all that I'm
left with, don't you see?
They might be wounds for you but they're
sutures for me.
Oct 1 · 269
Summer love
Sushant Oct 1
We stayed up for days,
smoked extra packs to stay ablaze.
But the summer mornings
slowly turned into winter haze.
So we laid out our love for the last time
and then let it die in our gaze.
Sep 30 · 113
screams unheard
Sushant Sep 30
Your screams fade and blur,
you look at him but he's looking at her.
Sep 28 · 56
Sushant Sep 28
She hides all her lies
behind those placid eyes;
melancholic like purple skies.
Sep 28 · 79
Sushant Sep 28
It'd be so much easier to get out of bed if
you'd just say all the words that you
never said.
Now I've to push it all to the back of my head,
all the words that I should have
never said.
Sep 25 · 121
Loud mind
Sushant Sep 25
Battling with her thoughts,
trying to win that peace of mind.
Don't be mad if she runs away,
she just wants to leave it all behind.
Sep 18 · 173
Sad rhymes
Sushant Sep 18
All those words that you spoke,
they're all tied around my throat.
That's why everything that I ever wrote
sounds like it's part of a suicide note.
Sep 17 · 74
Sushant Sep 17
She doesn't want to talk, just wants me to hear what she has to say. I look into her eyes and she looks away.
Sep 10 · 1.5k
Burn out/fade away
Sushant Sep 10
He's so cold and
she's always ablaze.
She'll burn out and
he'll fade away in the haze.
Aug 30 · 169
Cross faded
Sushant Aug 30
When the bladder's full,
she will make you
fill your lungs too.
She doesn't stop till you do
what she wants you to.
Aug 22 · 155
Sushant Aug 22
I smile at her as she lies through her teeth.
She tells me how good we'd be together as
she climbs to the top of the world,
leaving me underneath.
Aug 19 · 155
Sushant Aug 19
If I had to put in words how lonely it is here without you, I'd leave the whole page empty.
Aug 18 · 172
Sushant Aug 18
Loved myself roughly in free verses
but always loved you in rhymes.
For myself, I chose curses,
to have you never ending times.
-Aditi Bajaj
A friend wrote this 2 years ago. I'm posting it here because I love it too much and also because I'm not able to write anything new
Aug 17 · 159
Coming down
Sushant Aug 17
It's raining so heavily, I can see my world
crashing down along with it.
Aug 13 · 313
Sushant Aug 13
Lost in the wilderness
yet I've never felt so free.
I hide from the moon because
that's where you told me, you'd be.
Aug 8 · 188
City lights
Sushant Aug 8
Just to catch a glimpse of you, I stayed up for
endless nights
but I couldn't see a single star because of the
city lights.
Aug 4 · 248
Sushant Aug 4
I want to feel that warmth again, but it's hard
to admit that it was you.
I try not to feel anything but numbness is a
feeling too.
Aug 1 · 342
Sushant Aug 1
She visits me everyday, when the *** dries out
and the smoke fades away.
Jul 27 · 486
Sushant Jul 27
She thinks that I see right through her
but when I look at her, all I see is a
radiant blur.
Jul 21 · 600
Sushant Jul 21
She sings all the songs that he wrote like all
his words are tied around her throat.
Jul 18 · 865
Sushant Jul 18
She's as wild as the wind but as serene as the rain. Her eyes are full of life but her heart's full of pain.
May 8 · 309
Sushant May 8
There was born a bird who was destined to fly,
but she loved the tree so much, she couldn't trade it for the sky.
Jun 2019 · 275
Sushant Jun 2019
She feels so incomplete; I had to leave every poem about her
May 2019 · 303
Sushant May 2019
All you need is love but you look for it in all
the wrong places.
You think he’ll love you this time but you still leave with all the bruises.
Mar 2019 · 472
Sushant Mar 2019
You can feel it in your chest, how much more real does it need to get?
Mar 2019 · 376
A star
Sushant Mar 2019
You and I, we are just crawling;
we’ll never make that far.
Had you not held me so close to you,
you could have been shining like a
Mar 2019 · 547
Sushant Mar 2019
My words were my tears and you made me write too much but I wanted to hear my words in your voice; that’s the only reason I cried this much.
Mar 2019 · 405
Sushant Mar 2019
You're free like the ocean yet caged by the shores. You've been with him but he was never yours.
Mar 2019 · 163
Sushant Mar 2019
I wrote some poems that I wish were true and in each one, I couldn't help but mention you.
Mar 2019 · 234
Sushant Mar 2019
I let you burn me like the cigarette you smoke; just to feel your lips on my body.
Mar 2019 · 335
Sushant Mar 2019
She reminds me of the promises that I couldn’t keep. She makes me regret things that I never did.
Mar 2019 · 253
You and I
Sushant Mar 2019
If I put us in words together, you and I will never rhyme.
Mar 2017 · 1.2k
We're dark inside
Sushant Mar 2017
Her heart's deep coloured and mine's all grey. We'll end up in dark but I can't push her away.
Feb 2017 · 489
Sushant Feb 2017
She seemed to be happy but by the end, she cried. We were soulmates at the night but by the morning, we died.

— The End —