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Don't stare at the stars
Start up the stairs
You've got to keep going
If you're going to get anywhere
 3d Sushant
a name
did you enjoy
not talking to anyone
not talking
not being anyone

did you have fun
were you sufficiently tanned
did you lose enough weight
or enough money

did you have fun
staring at palm trees
red skinned babies
half skinned foreign

it's real life too
there's beaches
ice cream sandwiches
things that rhyme
things that don't
but still sound pleasant

i admire you
brave to venture into comfort
into days outside of busy
busy different from busy

into new year's dances
bizarre summers
standing in lines worth waiting for

pink rooms
in shinjuku bars
thailand cowboys
amsterdam alleys

silent nights
in blue ridges
salt flats
memory lane

take me with you next time

to another vacation
to be lost in wherever
feeling like we belong

i'll be no one with you
the day dances
the day sings

   ◂ ⋄‥‥‥‥‥◭‥‥‥Ω‥‥‥◮‥‥‥‥‥⋄ ▸  

the night wanders
the night has wings
You’re grace, you’re beauty,
A feat only a few achieve.
What do you see in me
This was written as a birthday gift to a friend, and is my attempt at a haiku. Unfortunately I failed, with it having a 5,7,6 syllable pattern and not a 5,7,5 pattern. Hopefully they won’t realise.
 4d Sushant
My words are my thoughts,
some ,
Some felt,
and others undeserved.
My heart and mind,
my love and my hate.

All once yours,
are now just my words.
It’s all I have left of you.
At the cusp of Dawn
I see a bud
draped in dew
intoxicated by
a breeze of youth
trapped in a bardo
of vivid colours
hallucinating a dreamless dream
awaiting for the Sun
to whisper the mantra
of awakening
and for the earth to utter
the secret of yore

At the cusp of Dawn
where the infinite oceans
merge into horizons bleak
where the despair of the night
embraces the sinuous hopes of the day
countless ephemeral beings
seek to transcend
into the boundless mist
[The buds see not
The flower hidden beneath
Their Sepals Quivering]
 5d Sushant
dream weaving
I held them heavy as silk bolts
they whispered to me that love lived
even in dust
that in the cool dusk, flowers grew from words
that made a world
dreams wove me
I was never alive without them
wrapped around me
some flame orange, deepest blue twilight
some embroidered with eternity of stars
I walked alone in the dawn
their world was never mine,
I couldn’t find my feet
mine bled and stumbled in their streets.
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