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Sushant Nov 2020
Your last smoke,
untill you smoke again.
You're drenched in despair,
but what else did you expect?
You fell asleep under the rain.
Sushant Oct 2020
The city's so cold;
It doesn't care if I bleed
but I guess I'm just as ignorant
for I keep writing to you,
all this **** that you'll
never read.
Sushant Oct 2020
Life doesn't feel like a mystery anymore;
just a repetition of things that
I wish I could ignore.
Sushant Oct 2020
The night weeps in silence and all the stray
dogs cry as I look down the window sill,
hoping you'd look up and say goodbye.
Sushant Oct 2020
Stolen moments;
I could never call them mine.
I know a thing or two about heartbreak; Oh for ****'s sake I loved you on borrowed time.
Sushant Oct 2020
I hold on to our memories; that's all that I'm
left with, don't you see?
They might be wounds for you but they're
sutures for me.
Sushant Oct 2020
We stayed up for days,
smoked extra packs to stay ablaze.
But the summer mornings
slowly turned into winter haze.
So we laid out our love for the last time
and then let it die in our gaze.
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