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Susan Nov 2016
You who taught me love and kindness and hope
and knitting and optimism and forgiveness and baking.

Yet you were also my first loss.
You taught me grief and how nothing stays the same.
Even a mind can deteriorate so much I wonder it makes me wonder if
you ever were so good.
Maybe I just exaggerate. Because you aren't  here to prove me wrong or disappoint me.
But how could anyone have been so good?

But even if I was looking at you through the rose tinted glasses of youth
I refuse to tarnish my opinion of you
I will keep these glasses forever
I insist.You taught me all this and more.

Because of you I visit grandad more  
to remind me of what
I lost
and a reminder to appreciate what I still have.
That house will always remind me of you
I hope that is ok.
Susan Feb 2016
Exploring the catacombs of the others minds
We were so busy that we forgot to not fall in love
So now I know your soul better than I could ever know my own
As you say that this is just harmless fun
Even you don’t believe that now.

It is irrelevant how much we deny it
We’ve spent so long in hiding
But under the light of the moon and the sun
You looked at me in as I have never been looked at before
Almost as if you were examining my very soul
That is why I believe them when they say
There are different way to say I love you than through words.
Susan Jul 2014
I blame the fact
You put noses on your smiles faces
As the reason
You could never love me
Because I think it looks ridiculous
But you think it looks cute

Its your only flaw

— The End —