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Surya Adhikarla Aug 2014
Oh captain, my captain
Why did you have to leave?
You showed us what a spark can do
Why did you stop to breathe?

When you were battling from within
Did you forget about your cavalry?
You know you have inspired us
we looked up to you as your army!

You asked us to push the limits
Explore the soul and break boundaries
Yet you never showed a sign of your
Haunting grief or killing miseries

Oh captain, my captain
Why did you have to leave?
You showed us what a spark can do
Why did you stop to breathe?

Did you see us as strangers or careless ghouls?
Or parasites that would live on their hosts?
Or did you mistake us for those media folks?
Who would prey on your life for their shows and their jokes?

Dint you know you could have given a sign
Why did you chose to fight it alone?
Immediately we would have been on your side
To rescue you from evil that took you from home

Oh captain, my captain
Why did you have to leave?
You showed us what a spark can do
Were you that desperate to be free?
Surya Adhikarla Jul 2014
The days are gone , the people would have changed
They wouldn't know I am talking about which incident
But I carry within me the bag of those memories
That grows heavier every time I open it and see
I realize how it would have been for them, how I was then
Soon I feel no point to dwell on, it's out of everyone's hand
From where I picked this habit I don't remember
Of making a book out of memories and surrender
My time , whenever I am alone and feel distant
Thinking I could rewrite some of it given a chance
But then I grieve on how cruel of 'time' it is
To destroy something that was once meant to be
Special to you, in deed, word and thought
And leave you with its memory crucified in your heart
It came to the point where I detest my own past
Every reminiscence leaves a bad feeling in my heart
I try to accept it for what it is, even though it seems hard
Like on the back of my conscience I carry a black mark
I cannot erase it ,only cover it up at times
And knowing its presence bothers me but I
Remind myself that at this instant whatever I attained
Is the result of the same past and experiences I gained
I excuse myself of this exercise and unnecessary pain
Consoling with conclusion my brain can imagine
That may be it's the human tendency
To attach a meaning to everything so we can perceive
And add a reason to our thoughts and beliefs
To justify our existence and have our say in these
Aspects of living, which for everyone are unique
we wouldn't  want to be lost in a quagmire you see
No matter how you look at it life seems to remain a mystery
Surya Adhikarla Mar 2014
There is a pounding of some sort
Echoing all across
She wonders what's the noise
As if coming from the void
Late night on this stroll
With a look little bizarre
She questions with blue eyes
Her little round sapphires
Shining under moon light
Letting out worried sighs
She grabs my arm tight
I assure it's alright
saying it's just us in the street
But don't come so close to me
You may hear my heartbeat
Surya Adhikarla Mar 2014
Thoughts in my mind to words from my mouth,
Those that you hear, those you care about,
I pity our scope and limitation,
To understand with so much lost in translation.
Surya Adhikarla Mar 2014
I am meddling with a million wishes
and thousand thoughts, 
hundreds of voices,
all kept silent with a lock,
Your voice is the key 
that shakes them all up
and opens the Pandora's box !
Surya Adhikarla Mar 2014
Fallen angels with broken hearts,
Always in search of the other half,
To make us complete,
So that we can reach,
The place from where we fell apart !
Surya Adhikarla Mar 2014
Holding light in hands, hugging the air,
Hearing the silence, feeling the stare,
Trying the impossible is my attempt to explain,
The feeling of being together with you again!
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