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Samiha Feb 2016
hands reveal your age, they say
yours tell me nothing
but your eyes
they tell me about your past lives
and your past loves
and how i'm just another one of them
Samiha May 2015
in the beginning, there was only darkness. a vast expanse of nothingness, as far as the eye could see. it was quiet. it was mind numbingly peaceful. my world was still and undisturbed. and that was the beginning.

and then you appeared in the middle. suddenly, a beam of artificial light appeared out of nowhere, a spotlight cast on the love i felt for you. it's like the heavens opened, when really it was just the devil in disguise and the earth's fiery core of hellish natures taunting me. taunting me with you. there were natural disasters forming in my heart and my mind faster than you could say "i love you". and that was the middle.

and then came the end. the artificial light disappeared, and revealed that that's all i ever was to you. artificial. my mind stopped overthinking. my heart stopped overloving. my eyes were wide open to the world for once. they looked into yours and i could remember your soul gently whispering to me that this was it. this was the end.
Samiha Jan 2015
I often wonder whether you were a catalyst in the situation involving me and you
You were never really involved
But you sped up the amount of time needed for me to fall in love,
Which is quite unfair because then, in reality,
I'm the one that gets hurt
I'm the one that has sleepless nights and restless days
I'm the one with red, raw eyes and a broken heart
I'm the one wondering if we were even real
And you just walk away, brushing your hands off and casually thinking,
"All in a day's work."
go to hell
Samiha Dec 2014
bring a book with you everywhere; you never know when you're going to be waiting longer than you intended.

- remember to take time out of your busy day to pause for a few seconds. listen to that clock tick. breathe. you're alive. the world is spinning around you and deep beneath your feet lies a fiery core. breathe. you're alive.

- you are worth so much more than you think and don't you dare settle for anything less.

- walk out of your home with open arms, instead of folded arms, because it's much easier to catch whatever life throws at you with open arms.

- remember to take breaks. you're human, not a robot.

- it's okay not to do anything you need to do. we all need those days. don't feel guilty for staying in bed when you should have been doing something important. again, you're human. it's okay.

- smile at strangers.

- read more. it could be the back of your shampoo, or an advert on the train. just read.

- sometimes you won't know what to do. this doesn't make you weak.

- remember, sometimes you won't get back the amount of love you gave away. you must be understanding. you must be willing to move on.

- lastly, please remember to keep trying with that casserole. one day, you'll get it right... (or near enough edible, anyway).
  Dec 2014 Samiha
There's a lot for you to learn, kid. (Mind you, I call everyone kid, don't take it personally.)

Make friends with her sisters, make sure her mother doesn't hesitate to call you her "sweetie". If you do that, you've secured yourself in a place very close to her heart. If her family can love you, she will love you.

If there's an insect on her radar, you get rid of it, no questions asked, no please and thank you. You get it done.

I don't care if dancing isn't your "style", that's one thing you can't take away from her. So it will just make your life easier if you just dance with her. Trust me.

Argue with her. Stand up for yourself. There are times when the fire in her eyes grows and feeds on your submission. It will burn her too, I promise. Douse it and any doubt she may have in her mind about your commitment.

She is one of the most driven, fearless, determined, and independent women I know that graces this earth. But there are times when her past spoils are not enough to appease her and she can and will drown in self-hate. I implore you to save her from herself in these times. She is worth too much. Hold her close and rub her back and tell her reasons for your love with each vertebrae you massage.

This girl will love you with every inch of her possible. She will love you wholeheartedly, she will give you everything she's got. Don't you dare give her anything less. Don't waste her time.

Gifts are always really special to her. She has this way of always getting you something you wanted, regardless of if you knew it. Her gifts are quirky and clever and incredibly thought-out. Appreciate them, please.

There will come a night where both of you will have fire for blood and lust for thoughts. Be gentle, be loving. Make her feel safe.

She gives many different kinds of kisses. She'll give you a quick kiss as you both head out the door, she'll give you these spontaneous kisses that will send smiles through every inch of you, every time. She'll give you kisses that make you question your self control. She'll lie on top of you and give you butterfly kisses with her eyelashes.

One thing she doesn't do is get jealous. Don't you take advantage of that. If she ever does, you’ll never know it. She won’t question you going out with friends or not replying to her texts. She will trust you with all her heart. Don’t **** that up.

I am begging you, demanding of you: do not hurt her. Hold her close to your heart. She will memorize the way it beats and she'll always be able to tell when you fall asleep.

Hopefully you won't have the same demons as I. But rest assured that if you do, she will recognize that all demons are just fallen angels and she will bring light and love back to your shadowed mind.

If you're the one that makes her the happiest, I hope you never have to feel the pain of losing her.

This girl is the last bit of gold in this world, don’t let that shine fade out. Give her every ounce of your being and she will do the same. You will never, ever be loved the way she loves again. You will never have to ask anything of the Universe again.

A name you'll hear in passing.

P. S. I hope you like football.

P. P. S. I shouldn't have to tell you any of this. This shouldn't motivate you to treat her right. You should know instantly in your heart that this girl is precious and that you should cherish her. If your love for her doesn't make you want to do that, then don't waste your time. She deserves better.
I'll try and find the link that inspired a lot of this.
Samiha Dec 2014
I quickly tap my screen to respond to your message
"I'm absolute garbage and I love you."

Your fingers softly brush against the keys as you type out your reply,
"You're absolutely beautiful garbage and I love you more."

I thought that things would be different with you; you were so much more compassionate
"I think I'm in love with you."

You hesitate as you read my message, unaware of the stars that were forming in my mind at the mere thought of you
"I'm not in love with you."

I read the message with my brimming eyes and soon enough, I hear the explosions in my ear of the galaxies that once formed when you told me I was an unexplainable force of nature that everyone was wary of.
I also hear the slow thudding of my heart in my ears before everything fades away and becomes numb.

You sit there, quiet and in deep thought
You heard the planets imploding all the way from your bedroom
But all you did was shrug, shake your head and turn up your music.

— The End —