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Sunshine Girl Sep 17
i flatter myself, thinking every word you ever wrote was inspired by me
i know they weren't
but i can't stop rereading and wondering
i'm not crying
Sunshine Girl Sep 17
I really hope you're happy.
Seeing you makes my heart ache, and I don't understand it. You know me, I like for things to fit into tiny little boxes. And we don't fit in any.
Part of me wants to hate you for being so selfish. Friendship only hurts the weak of heart. Yet you have one of the strongest hearts of anyone I have ever been blessed enough to know. I really want to pass this hurt off for anger. It makes me feel better about the situation.
I did nothing wrong. We both know it. But walls were still erected and I just can't seem to wrap my mind around why. Why you kept dating someone else when your feelings for me were stronger. Why pushing me out of your life was what would make your relationship better. Why you don't answer anymore. Why you're not here when I need you.
I may not have wanted you in the same way that you wanted me, but you have to admit that we had-arguably, still have- a bond. There's something about our relationship that is so comforting, so *****, so real. I felt like from the moment that I met you that I could tell you anything. Your support is sorely missed.
I'm sorry I've messaged you. I can't help it. When a piece of you is missing, it's hard not to reach out. And not to guilt you, but I've needed you in your absence.
I've been growing so much. In fact, I wonder at times if you ever come back to me if we will even meld the same way because I'm not the person I was when we last spoke. Hell, I'm not the same person I was six months ago. You'd be amazed, and proud I hope.
I miss our conversations about philosophy and car rides where we shared music no one else listens to. I miss our essay text conversations and musings about a better world. I can't have those conversations with anyone else. No one else quite gets me like you do.
Maybe this is all coming out because I'm grieving. Did you know my grandpa was sick? It's been so long since we really talked that I can't honestly remember. He died last week. I feel so empty. My friends keep trying to help me through the process and keep asking me what I need, what they can do for me. I honestly have no idea. No one understands me enough to help me through- not even myself. It's been rough.
And to top it all off, today I saw you. Of all days. Coming fresh from a seven hour shift, with a test tomorrow, not having slept well the past week, and grieving like a *******, I saw you. With her. The reason why. My heart doesn't feel like it's beating. I just feel cold.
But I kept walking. It's not her fault, it's not mine, it's not yours. That's what I have to keep telling myself. If not I'll go insane. But I want someone to blame.
My boyfriend sees you and talks to you more than I do. Do you have any idea how much that stings, for us to walk past each other and for you to greet him and not me? I don't think I deserve this treatment, I don't know if we were ever friends. Friends don't alienate each other over someone else's feelings. Friends don't hurt each other. Not for two long years, not by saying "well, contact me if you need anything but other than that let's just not stay in touch."
Do you know my mom still asks about you? Tells me I should reach out and that "he's such a good guy and was such a good friend-more than that at one point- to you, of course he'll respond!" But you haven't. Not once. I respect it, of course. Maybe the you I remember is slowly becoming an idealization because we haven't talked in so long. But I couldn't be any more lost.
This is the part where I feel like I need to update you on how I'm doing and assure you I'm great and tell you you don't need to reply or even finish reading this, but I'm done apologizing. I've done nothing wrong. The strength it would take to even send this to you isn't in me right now. I don't think I could take another disappointment of seeing "read" on a screen again.
So I really hope you're happy, and I mean it. Last we talked you weren't- far from it. And you know I worry much too much for my own good. Imagine how badly I worry about you when we haven't spoken in two years.
Stay happy. Keep filming. And stay smiling. That's ultimately all I can ask.
Sunshine Girl Apr 22
if words were actions i'd be dead
or, perhaps, living inside a bright yellow tulip
with an acorn for my cup and a walnut shell for my bed and a full heart in my chest
or, maybe, i'd be sailing the seas on a lily pad
with nothing to sustain myself but dreams of what each wave hides
or, possibly, i'd be sitting on an old front porch
nestled in a rocker and watching steam rise off my tea into the morning fog
or, perchance, i'd be weaving roses into the village girls' hair
while they sing to me of their dreams of love and i respond in kind
or, potentially, i'd be sitting in the nook of a high up cliff home
writing a book at the window seat while lightning storms outside
but, more believably, i'd be where i am.
because words are words, and actions are actions.
and i am me.
and i'll never understand why you choose to give your homegrown roses to someone
who would let them die
forgive me, mother, but no.
is money happiness?
is success money?
is happiness success?
what wit i thought i had but now find displaced, seeing dollar signs instead of smiles.
they infiltrate everything.
but what heart, what strength has a simple
Sunshine Girl Feb 28
you've changed things- location is gone, all personality is gone.
no, we haven't talked in six months.
yes, i miss your company; does it have to be more complicated than that? i don't think so.
i'm worried.
are you overseas somewhere bound up after your last trip there for christmas?
are you at a completely different school and every time i walk past your classrooms i get anxious for no reason at all?
have you changed your hair, changed your major, changed the way you walk?
i can't find you, and i know deep down i don't need to.
but i wonder, and i worry.
where are you?
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