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Julia Sep 15
Step toward me, love;
embrace the chills
that skip along our spines
as time ceases
around our existence.

I visualize your eyes -
how the ocean will envy
their beauty;
how easily I will swim
instead of drown.
Combined with my green,
we can create a paradise
that will never vanish,
but only remain within our view.

Our hands meet,
but on a surface of glass,
that only God Himself
can break apart.
We embrace the coolness
of each other’s presence,
before we feel
the warmth that burns.

Vision blind to
the physical features we adorn;
yet, not our souls —
they made love
in a previous life.
The only thing they see
are pastel colors of Heaven,
blooming beneath
our palms.

I can sense similar impatience
within your veins,
but also a love that
shall explode
across the universe,
so until then,
let us breathe,
and count the moments
for our hearts
to catch up on what
was whispered into the stars
that time around.
Julia Jun 2018
You ask why
I never saw you as the
missing piece
to my jigsaw puzzle.

Why I seem so whole
after all this time
that you’ve been gone.

Because, I say,
I am all that I need
to feel complete.
Julia Jun 2018
Failure is only a bruise,
not an open wound.
Don’t let failure to do something or heartbreak throw you to your knees and make you stay there. Get up again and again. You’re built for greatness.
Julia Jun 2018
There are double doors
on every
human heart.

Have yours be wooden
with locks.
Keep the keys hidden away.
Don’t let them be automatic sliders.
Anyone can come and go
as they please,
but also step forward
and back, repetitively,
sending you
into cardiac arrest
with no intention
to revive you.

Only to take advantage
of a shelter
that provides more than survival.
Julia Jun 2018
The life
within me
is extensive as
the universe.

I will not
allow myself  
to be half loved
by someone
who doesn’t become
at the sight of
my stars.
Julia Jun 2018
Rather be
my own sunshine
than let
somebody in
who will only
bring the rain.
Julia Jun 2018
Our first summer together,
you drove us to the local beach
to escape reality,
and be at peace within
another world you
promised we could call
our own.

We blasted alive the 80s
through a sharpie-marked
cassette tape
with no shame,
and we allowed  
everything we left behind
to disappear,
like a passing highway sign.

Such a beautiful day it was:  
the ocean glistened,
as if God had scattered diamonds
along its surface.

Within minutes
of taken in the scenery,
never did I wish to leave.
I had prayed to Jesus
to, please,
allow me to replay
moments of this day
on repeat.

But then I heard
my mother in my mind,
as she did when I was
six years of age —
to be cautious when
holding on to anything, or one,
too tightly.
For, like sand, she had said,
they can easily slip
through your fingers,
and crush our hearts faster
than any wave.

Hold on loosely, I was told.

Understand now, darling,
why not once did I
ask for the time.
And the reason, when
our hands interlocked
my fingers did not grip as hard  
that their knuckles go white,
as if we would lose one another
in the breeze
while we stood admiring the sun
exhale a yawn
of watercolors,
before greeting the moon
with a subtle kiss goodnight,
and us, a whisper of  

Never did I believe,
driving home,
we would follow her lead
instead of awakening to a new day
hoped to be real.
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