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Sanjali Sep 1
Stop running your cold fingers
Over the skin of my back.
These harsh embraces, I fear,
Won’t make up for the things I lack.

Your blue lips remind me
Of some flowers I saw in rain.
Recalling your glassy eyes
I wonder how I’ll ever ease this pain.

Maybe when I take a walk
I’ll hear the melody of your steps.
When I come across familiar lanes
I’ll know the love for me you kept.

The stones at my feet remind me
Of the stiffness of your arms,
Smothering me in the sweetest embrace.
When has love not brought us harm?

And yet I walk. I walk,
Till I reach your tender love.
Together again maybe we can watch
Some shooting stars above.
Sanjali Aug 13
No One Else

Even if I stand in midst of the world
The rain soaking up my being
Even if I dance and kick my feet
The puddles gently miming me
I’m sure no one would notice,
No one except the trees
Except the breeze and the tickling leaves
No one else would notice me.

Even if my face is covered in dew drops
The grass entwining with me
Even if butterflies think me a flower
And when my bones become kindling
I’m sure no one would think
No one except the earth,
Except the snow and the dry broken leaves,
No one else would think of me.
Sanjali Jun 25
-The  X  X  Sea-

The deep blue sea
Calls to me
But how do I travel back?
These muddy waters
Won’t make me clean.

The deep blue sea
I only see it with closed eyes,
It knows the end
It’ll meet.

The deep blue sea
Just wants to be free
Like you
Like me.
Sanjali Jun 3
-Gratitude Chain-
Once, I ignore it
I hope it’ll fade away.
Twice, I turn
Feels like a bitter taste.
Thrice, I walk.
I could never run anyway.

Keep calling my name.
Have no shame.
I walk like a prisoner
Bound in a gratitude chain.

Once, its cold
Freeze my blood, I pray.
Twice, a chill
I’m sure it’ll **** me any day.
Thrice, I walk.
Waiting for the day I’ll disobey.
Sanjali Apr 15

To be in need of comfort
Is not that good of a feeling.
Existence of a lamb abandoned
With no warm place for dreaming,
And as the sun sets
It’s all in the head,
Breaking a feverish slumber,
There never seems to be any rest.

To be in need of empathy
Feels worse than not feeling at all.
Black sheep of the crowd
Yet no one glances when you fall,
And as the sun sets
The world is in the head,
Sleep is an unknown action,
Picking yourself up is the only end.
Sanjali Mar 6
Believe, my little darling
In all your precious dreams
That are called silly
And make believe.

They’re the ones
That’ll keep you strong
And you need strength, little one,
To move on and on.

Who did ever say
That dreams are lies?
I’ll tell you true
This world isn’t right.

So my sweet little bird,
If you want to be free
Believe in your words
Believe in those dreams.
Sanjali Mar 1
Could I translate this feeling to something
Other than hitting my hands on the wall?
I think it’s getting tired of gaining dents
And I’m tired of gaining nothing at all.

So could I paint out this feeling to something
Other than suffocating on fog?
I think my brain is tired of overthinking
And I’m tired of thinking I could change this at all.
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