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sunflower Jan 14
You are my sweet sin, my only demon
And when I think about you,
There is no escape, no way back,
Loving you is like drowning peacefully in the dark
Because our love is reckless, but it’s real too
And if it’s real, it has to bring a little chaos
It has to give a thrill that you’ve never met
And it will certainly bring a happiness
That you’ve never experienced before
And probably, will never experience with somebody else..
* 29.09.2018 ***
sunflower Jan 14
Just now, I  realised that I will never..
Get enouh of you..
I simply can’t get tired ..
Of your charming smile, or laugh,
Or of your silly jokes, or messy hair,
Or of your temper or your moods
Or of the way you call me beautiful..
Losing you would be terribile
Probably the greatest tragedy of all..
sunflower Jan 14
Because every time i look at you
you look like everything
and anything that i could ever
even begin to love
over and over
and over
and even far beyond that.
To God and back
a thousand times
and probably
a thousand more after

— The End —