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Ainnoot Oct 8
You know the things you do for validation obscure your worth, but you go for it anyway because there’s nothing that feels worse than the hurt.
A little reminder that something you’ve had since birth is desired lights a fire fierce enough to remove your shirt.

You’re lost, but still, find yourself in other people.
You keep finding the pain, the kindness, it’s an endless sequel.
Ainnoot Oct 6
I thought all I wanted was to show my truth,
but I’ve been lying to myself that I’m over you.
I doused a flame with gas to boost an ego and it burned me.
How lovely, I have no shame, I keep bringing you up to myself.

I thought I needed this, but now I know that some people make other’s “happy” wherever they go;others; whenever they go.
-Antonio Espinal /Oscar Wilde
Ainnoot Sep 19
I walked alone one spring,
It was a cold March.
How lucky does that make me knowing
April was on the way?
Another year to you, but May I say that the month of June knows why the way July came about wasn’t such a surprise after August came to life.
So yes, “Wake me up when September ends” because when we don’t want the blues we take anyone else’s Green Day.
We don’t know what we want ‘til it’s over.
We do it to ourselves.
Ask yourself.
If three’s a crowd, why do we always seek the four leaf clover?
Ainnoot Sep 15
I wanted to kiss you goodbye,
but you’re such a light sleeper.
You were dancing with the angels, I could tell.
You were smiling with no worries,
I know life can be hell.
Couldn’t disturb your peace,
when you make my pain ease.
I wanted to hug you goodbye, your arms feel safe.
You are my haven, but I’ll tell you at my pace.
I will repay my debt.
You gave me all the right things,
when I had nothing left.
Anyone can be a mother, but you earned that title. I was leaving and wanted to dismiss myself, but you had a long night.

You became a mom to me and I thank you for it.
Ainnoot Sep 14
I’m high ‘cause I was feeling low
But I’m low so much they might as well bury me since all I wish is to be high in the sky,
   Maybe this is the only way I’m Pilot Jones, When im in love with Mary Jane.
Ainnoot Sep 9
“Memories that don’t make sense. That’s the cloud you had me on.”
Ainnoot Sep 9
Your growing smile as they spoke.

It was almost if each one of those words were a lethal injection to poison and trick a mind into thinking that’s the remedy.

When you just need to get away from it to know that isn’t your cup of tea.
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