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sund0wn Jan 2016
I want you to stop
Making me fall so hard for you
At the same time,
I don't want you to stop.
sund0wn Jan 2016
I've gotten myself
in a fine mess
of **you
sund0wn Jan 2016
They say nothing good ever happens after 2:AM,
Yet somehow, I found comfort in our late night conversations.
I don't want to depend on you..but you're slowly becoming my favourite need.
sund0wn Nov 2015
When your mysterious icy blue eyes
breaks into a smile.

I asked myself
"what is it?"

It was only a smile.
sund0wn Aug 2015
A penny for my thoughts,
My thoughts of you,
I drown myself in dreams,
These dreams of you.
sund0wn Jul 2015
Are these emotions real
or am I just
latching on
sund0wn Jun 2015
You can
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