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SOM Oct 2020
It’s okay

You’ve done beautiful things in the past
And you’ll do beautiful things again
To slow is not to stop
And what has stopped can be rekindled

It’s okay,
To rest,
To breathe,
Look after yourself
SOM Oct 2020
You will never reach their impossible expectations.
Find your own peace.
SOM Sep 2020
We are flesh and bone and matter
Making and breaking and remaking ourselves
over and over on a speck of dirt insignificant to the universe

We are thriving, vivid connections.
Echoes upon echoes of creating and forgetting and remembering
A cacophony of colour and movement and beauty in the darkness of space.
SOM Sep 2020
Trying is hard and trying is scary
But some people think it’s so ordinary
SOM Sep 2020
We reinvent who we are when we meet
someone new
And I,
I like who I am with you.
SOM Sep 2020
Do not be sad my dear
For when I’ve gone and passed
Just plant me by a tree my dear
By a river and soft grass

Let me shade you from
Your woes and wearies
Whispers soft and calm

Let me wrap you up in
Boughs and berries
A gentle, healing balm
SOM Sep 2020
The sky’s ablaze with sunset rays
And we are bathed within it.
An ember of the dying day
And we, a witness to it.
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