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Summer Jackson Jun 2015
observing all these young men and women
give up everything that they have
just because theyve got an extreme amount of nationalism
caring so much about their country
they are willing to go and die for it
sure they may think about how their families feel
but only for a second
theyre more worried about defending this terrible country
they say "land of the free and home of the brave",
but then they wont let us say what is on our minds without getting in trouble
those being drafted are just getting brainwashed though they dont even know it
never trying to do more than what they are told to do
and it is because of all the propaganda
buts its because of all this
"that we have all the freedom we have"
(which is none by the way)
and its because of all this
"that we are the greatest country in the world"
(which is also *******)
were going to war to just prove that we are stupid enough
to try and fight everyone who'll ask
and its really all because of
the young men and women
who are willing to give up everything they have
to die over this ridiculous country the call
The United States of America!
this isnt a really goood one but i thought id post it anwyay
  Jun 2015 Summer Jackson
Kyra Wilder
I...I love him... He doesn't love me. I am a pawn, in this chess game of love and  he is the player, he decides my fate,  he chooses what I do. He can make me skip school, have *** with him, and if he leaves me and never talks to me...I wouldn't want to take a shower because i would be afraid his scent would wash away from me, I'd stay up all night thinking and remembering the way he would breath, how he would laugh and his smile. I would crave his touch and I wouldn't go to school. He controls me. And I don't know if I want to be controlled. I'm so terrified that tomorrow he will choose that he no longer needs me and I'm terrified he will leave me.
Summer Jackson Jun 2015
i feel like i have fallen in love
experiencing this feeling is something i wouldnt change for the world
no matter how long we havent spoke to each other
he is always there
telling me that he has been waiting
for the day in which i would speak to him again
he lives in a different country, far away form my own home
but distance means nothing to us
we have both been wishing for the day that we finally meet
so we can express our love physically
to look deep into each others eyes just to prove,
that the emotions aren't unreal
but until that day comes,
i will be waiting here patiently
however, i will never forget that in my head
i will always be thinkingand waiting,
just to finally be able to say
K**, i love you
Summer Jackson Jun 2015
your presence,
the only reason
that i am still alive
Summer Jackson May 2015
Alcohol drowns my sorrows,
smoking numbs my pain
ya i might lose my lungs and my liver
but it s nothing compared to what i feel in my heart
the aching and the breaking
like its dividing into to itty-bitty pieces
i feel like you're killing me
but don't worry, lucky for me its just cancer.
Summer Jackson May 2015
   is he there?
i turn to him in a time of need
but it seems as if hes too busy for me
however, i eventually get answers
as i sit and wait to hear his advise
it causes me to just stop and listen
i try to figure out solutions to my problems
something i wouldn't be able to do
without asking him first
but now i realize
we dont always have to look up at the sky for answers
because if we look a little deeper in oursleves
you'll start to notice
that he is in our hearts
so therefore,
We Are The Lord
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