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Suhayb 3d
You said you came out
For fresh air, then
Took another drag and smiled
Your white wand all the while
Casting a spell on the pavement
The smoke mixed with the dust
Mixed with the air
Mixed with my breath
I inhale again
And let the moment
Fill me up
I breathe out and
A part of you stays
Within me, though you’ve already
Gone back inside
I stand for a while
Still. Breathing.
Watching the warm gray haze
Into a warm gray day.
Suhayb Oct 23
Poetry for sale
Rhymes not included
Neither is rhythm, nor style
No wit or charm
No purpose or meaning
Just an assortment
Of words
In lines
One after another
A row of soldiers
For the right mind
To choreograph their dance
Suhayb Oct 10
A silent voice
An empty chair
Footsteps leading
To nowhere

I follow them
Until I see
Your tender eyes
Watching me

I blink, they’re gone
I turn around
Not a movement
Not a sound

And then I hear
The ring of bells
Far away
Too far to tell

I see you now
There you lie
A sleep from which
You’ll never rise

I reach to touch
Your hand, it’s cold
You fade away
I stand alone

I think of you
Your auburn hair
Of how I felt
When you were here

I see you now
Where skies are clear
And wait for death
To take me there.
Suhayb Oct 10
Peace for our time.
Before the blasts of bomb and battling,
The roar of rhythmic rifles rattling.
Sudden sounds of screams are silenced.
Many millions meet their maker.

Peace for our time.
Is peace the vapid void of voice,
And sound surrounding the silent scores,
Lying lifeless, once laughing lovers,
Forever forgotten, in fields of flowers?

Peace for our time.
Did this twist of truth tempt the tides
Of fate, and fan the flames for us
To make the most merciless decision,
To **** for victory,
To **** with precision?

Peace for our time.
Both sides with bibles buckled to belts,  
Gamble on the good graces of God.
Which god would support this mindless ******,
Burnt bodies piled high to rot?

Peace for our time.
When our soil was soaked with soldiers sorrow.
Women wept, eyes echoing their agony.
Let us rejoice that this time would befall.

For if this is peace, speak not of war.
Based on a speech from the British Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, in which he declared 'Peace for our Time' shortly before the outbreak of WW2.
Suhayb Apr 4
We stood divided on the line
Nearing the conversation's death
Both not wanting to end the call
Each hearing the other's breath

Until I finally hear the click
And just like that you're gone

The humming dial tone screaming
With a thousand words unspoken
Stories had died as secrets
Unmade promises were broken

I thought that you could see my face
But now you only hear my words
Nothing more.

— The End —