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 Feb 2017 Kratos
Unrequited Love
I wanted him.

I wanted him more than anything.

Every fiber of my body was attracted to this boy.

And I believed every lie he told me, about him wanting me.

Long story short.

He didn't want me at all.
I'm just absolutely broken.
Stop  manipulating  me
Stop walking all over me
Stealing my belongings.
Better still stay away until
You  change   your attitude.
And treat me as you would like
To be treated  yourself.
 Jan 2017 Kratos
Megan Rose
a rose.
 Jan 2017 Kratos
Megan Rose
I can't stop
thinking about
on roses
how the perfectly round
droplets shine
and how they look
like diamonds
backed by an elegant
red dress
I can't stop
thinking about
the smell
of the rain
with the perfume
of the flower
and I can't stop
being happy.
 Jan 2017 Kratos
Mike Adam
 Jan 2017 Kratos
Mike Adam
She came she went

She came she went

She came she went

Having no-mind
To make up

I simply witness
This event
the song of a leaf
scattered on the winds
of dream
to crisp gold,

the steep arches of
the night,
blown open
a fire-rose
dreaming of
 Jan 2017 Kratos
Heather Anderson
I wear a smiling mask
And I can put on a decent act,
Until what is bottled up inside
Spills out from the tiny cracks.
I get tired of people telling me to snap out of it
 Jan 2017 Kratos
You can fake a smile
And you can fake a cry
But when you fake a statistic
People can die

Don’t pretend like you know it all
Or like no one will notice
Be authentic and diligent
Then you’ll gain our trust
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