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nobody Oct 9
I saw heaven today
looking through chaos
I see life array

lucid sun reflects
on life treasure
mammals, insects

mighty seas parade
clusters of fish
bright coral of jade

to walk on earth
cling, connect barefoot
our chakras rebirth

bloom auratic roots
of dainty flowers
and juicy fruits

midnight mushroom forest
vision of trees, mud
birds lovest

our glistering moon
at dusk it looms
hears soft wind croon

of everything heaven true
the one I love most
will always be you
for my true love
nobody Jul 12
The star glittered the world through its laborious orbit.

Casting off the mint streams that rolled into the warp of the mountains. Each morning it gleamed brightest, free between each structure and being.

They had loved the sun.

In the dawnings, they sang. A song for the star was caressed in the vibrations of the air. The voices were nearly silent; like the lost sound of the snow veiling the terrain.

Later in time, they had a visitor.

One cool summer day an intense light had seemed to fallen from the sun. The sky was stirring azure and pearl aglow.  Seeing it you would have believed a fragment of the great fire had broken, plummeting and crying in flashes.

The light cascaded heavily into the faded crumble of the blue mountains.

They did not say anything. Instead, they trekked cautiously as the fallen light flared once more as it grounded.

They found a machine. A craft built from titanium. Its round body stood tall and purred silently. They were looking in doubt, fazed. A disc had risen from the surface of the strange machine.

Smoke was emitted and from the mouth of the rocket came a being. Nobody could believe it. The sun had given them a gift?

The tall presence stood in the middle of the scattered crowd of the Martians.

“Do you have a god?”

They understood him. Not his words, but his essence, his wonder. One had walked in front of him. His face new and **** brought them humor and then horror. They pointed to the star.

As the deep fire sunk and left the sky clear, they had raised their hands in silent vesper.

The alien had begun to weep.
nobody Jul 7
i had trailed the still and
unworldly stream;
waters had rushed in whispers

i seen the warm
coruscation in great pulse
a bright star
fallen, flaring fiercely
announcing the others

remember the beginning of time?
rich in passioned wonderment

were you there to see the birth
of true rapture?
haven't you read the chronicles
of life?

it says all is fruitless, nugatory
so for the star i had written
nobody May 20
Do you know your worth?
Roots kink and coil
And cling to earth?

Do you know life is just me and you?
A blooming mandala
Of hidden hues?

Do you know that I’m here?
To douse you with water
& Love
& Light?

All sun’s power
Seeps through you
My melodic flower
for the love of my life
nobody May 15

See that man?
Under the tree, stationary
He’s grizzled
& senescent
He offers tickets, trips
And just before, he must ask

Do you know we exist?

And the spectacle begins
You slip out of your
Shoes, clothes
All things turn
To glitter
To silk
You are life!

Can’t you feel it?
Through you everything flows
A flare
Of passion
Of being
We have been waiting
For you

Do you see it all now?
We are earth, living
Born from mud
Death isn’t the end
For life it is
A loop
nobody Mar 13
have you felt the light
of distant pearls?
warm and alone
in the deep cosmos?

have you seen the real love
growing each day?
blossoming like
gleaming lilies?

have you heard the cries
that they cry
because they can't connect?

never there but always here
essence locked
i love you
I love you so so so much
nobody Jan 12
a place where stars cross
and lovers
and creatures
while milky waves
grasp our feet
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