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Stratton Jun 2016
Sun Metal Warhead
Back from the New Dead
Through the stars to capture me
Rapture car through galaxies
Who would've guessed, he had a pistol in his pocket
Barrel through the waistband baby
**** it, **** it, **** it
Went off like a nuclear wasteland rocket
Silver bikini clad
My little Alien
Come sit on your landing pad!
Stratton Mar 2016
You were the seal of perfection;
the roses bow to your direction
North in it's far reaching
in it's pure and stainless preaching
it's impassable protection.

There's a mountain in a painting
where I knew you would be waiting
if I could get far enough out of my mind
to see again the emerald shine

of the stones in your City of sensory bliss
carted away through the centuries
The star in the sky of your eternal rest
the mists of the death that you sang to me
Stratton Mar 2016
death came
like a static vision on a radio-wave
still she remained
locked up
bed ridden, in her chastity grave
So I say, " there's a neon church
where I work
and we could exorcise those angels, babe..."
she said, "no way
im afraid that it hurts
that's what the other girls say."

Baroque bed, grotesque oyster
you; it's luminescent pearl
disciple of some ancient cloister
cult of the girl
cult of the girl

death came
like a holy planet spinning stoic in space
still I remained
in pain
a panic
bone manic, at the sight of  her face
so I say, "there's a neon church
where I work
and you can meet me at the altar, babe..."
she said, "no way,
I'm afraid that it hurts"
but little girl; it's too late
Stratton Mar 2016
Don't leave me, Fantasma. You were all that I had
Pink plastic fantastic, life isn't half bad
Heavenly distracted by your slow blue flame
Now vague is all I can , they say I'll never be the same
But who needs me when I have these?
these dolls and malls and trains

The greatest show on earth and it's the only show in town
it shines like Diamonds in the dirt like Rubies in the crown
when the lights finally go down;
and He sings "Follow me to the land of the free,
to the wreck of the Ivory Tower!"
I'll go if I can but I can't understand
the invisible source of his power

I fell helplessly at the steel of Babel
to weep on my knees for the pyre of bibles
What's missing from me is alive in the wild
Obscure memory of the mind of a child
Stratton Mar 2016
I want to stay in the Video drone  
safe and alone when Dad's not home
stains on the carpet and
dolls on the shelves
put a phone in my room
so the boys call the house

I want to stay in the video drone
where no one's awake yet and Mom isn't home
I know Snakes hide in apples
in books on my shelves
I'm too busy this summer to read them myself
the phone's always for me
the boys call the house.

I want to stay in the video drone
I once thought I heard it say God's coming home
the tides are high in the holy city
I pray Saint Julia cause' shes pretty
I drink the wine the prophet sold me
and I keep Faith cause' TV told me
Stratton Mar 2016
I have felt and read that northern heads
were arrayed in aurora sun.
My heart may stand in an ancient land
but I belong wholly to none.
I have felt and heard that northern blood
is the light of a great black star.
The gods lived on in autonomy
as the children forgot who they are.
I have felt and known of a mountain home
and a language alive in the snow.
Myth in a timeless reality
calls through a century,
I long to go.

— The End —