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Namrata Upadhyay Sep 2016
I am an antithesis
The parallel of perpendiculars
A comedy in all tragedies
A benevolent humour
A nay to your say
My words are your dismay
A critic's remorse ink
The drought in monsoon springs
You'll find me in 25th hour
Of words unsaid, the heart devours
The anti to your thesis
My belief refutes your senses
The chaos in merry plight
A devils' advocate through angel's eyes
I am in what you want me to be
The seen wind in wild fire dreams
I am an antithesis
Or am I not?
That's for none to conceive.
Namrata Upadhyay Jun 2016
Oh wonder do I,
In this peril of hopeless time
What all is now lost
And what's left for me to be,
What she is not
I can easily perceive,
What she is
It is impossible to dream.
Namrata Upadhyay May 2016
At crossroads
Down form nine to one
We stand tall
Reversing what left undone

Some fled away
Overcoming the call
But we found ourselves rooted together

And all the lights have spoken
From the riverside in disguise
That not one can live
While the other survives
Yet in the frenzy
Of massacre and broken goodbyes
We share our stories alike

Now that the dawn is near
Ready to take back one
To the other side
We stand apart
But eyes turn clear
In the slumber  of madness
And beckoning of the call

After all the similarities in our dissimilarities
Defeated our fall.
Namrata Upadhyay May 2016
I see you breathing
You look so fine
Far away
Somewhere you hide
Your empty words
Like rolling stones
Run amuck
My barren hopes
Not here you are
You breached my soul
And now I stand
Like a man who can't be moved.
So this was inspired by a walk into the woods where I found this one peculiar (lonely) tree.
Namrata Upadhyay May 2016
And no I ain't complaining
But your messy hair restrains me
To the antisocial talks that never ended
I should have known that I'm not the one.

Our different scarlet letters
Chasing backyard dreams together
Making plans called forever
But i should've known
That I'm not the one.

And now I stand unapologetically
In the faded memories
Flashing back like sombre breeze
Of last summer
When it was you and me.
Namrata Upadhyay Mar 2016
Let  me tell you something
Maybe you've heard it before
It's not a golden rule
But just so you know
Everything you do and you don't
Unimportant or no
It matters.

Here's to the ones who wander and get lost
The ones who light a spark in another's thoughts
Who perceive the longs and the shorts of life
Or helps a child to write his first letter in the daylight

To the underdogs , the belittled and the voiceless heroes
And the insolent believers who enlighten our spectrum
To the tree lover who stopped the felling of a tree
Or the man who gives coffee to homeless on the street

Just so you know what you do
Even if its not much
It matters.
Cause in the grand scheme of things
You'll see the little, miniscule, tiny,worthless, act of kindness
Can inspire one and all.

So next time
Stand up for your cause
Don't hesitate or stop it all cause,
It matters.
Namrata Upadhyay Mar 2016
There  is no thing as ordinary
Than our remarkable memory
Though time has ceased it's way
In our peripheries
We come back where we started
But only with different memories

Along the waters bound to the beach
And the walks down the streets
They've heard it all and seen our mess
But alas! We can't face each other
While we fight against ourselves

And now we're at a stand still
Only we can mend or relent it
Take your time
Will it be hello or goodbye
Till then,
Remember me.
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