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I will never be
It's a lie to say I am
going to make it.*
I am
Different from the other girls.
I am
not pretty.
I am not like them. They are
My life will only get
I can't expect to get
My life in my hands.
It's time to end this, to take it.
If you read it bottom to top instead, it's a positive poem :)
My scars are footprints
pressed in the smooth sand, fading,
salted by the tears of the ocean,
but persistent against the tide.

My map has been drawn
by leaves in the wind, blowing,
following the path of the broken,
but offering no place to hide.

My heart plays a song
with a slow tempo, beating,
calling to the strong souls still hoping,
but unheard by the ones who died.

Follow the footprints if you trace my skin.
Use my map as a guide if I can't let you in.
Listen to my song if words aren't my friend.
And I will love you,
With all that I have left.
she sat in the beautiful sunlight
with deeper wishes in her eyes but
her young heart dances to the sweeter song
so she asked me to hold her hand
till the darkness had passed
now shes hot on the trail of true creation
down to earth with all natural heartfelt ways
bends me round her legendary smile
and while writing a freehand verse of sunshines laughter
she paints a lifesize version of
tomorrow's beautiful sunrise into the eyes of her self portrait
she is knee deep in the mud of inspiration
the persistent sunshine of the soul lights her way
the enduring hope of a hand held guides her path
its beauty can be seen in her self portrait
stuck my head
but forgot
to drown

i was sad
you were sad
but it didn't
cancel out

laid down
closed my eyes
but forgot
to sleep

and one day
you'll be happy
but not because
of me
That is how my heart behaves
When I am so close to you.
 Oct 2014 Strange Chameleon
In the morning, she refused to move from the hospital bed.
By evening, she walked the red carpet with grace.
Have you ever
Stood under a cloud
And felt every raindrop fall

Every tear hit
And leaves a cool trail
As it slides down your face

But then it hangs there
Waiting for it's impending
As it dangles off your chin

And suddenly
It falls
Reaching it's final destination

Its funny how the little tear
Started somewhere
Associated with heaven
And ended up
Here on earth.

(it is a raindrop not a tear)
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