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jasmine wild Jan 4
i keep forgetting to breathe,
forgetting to take in the oxygen
that keeps me alive.

the world doesn't know,
doesn't know the pain in my chest
that drags me under.

will you listen please,
my heart echos like
lightning and thunder.
jasmine wild Jan 4
i can remember the pain,
but unlike most other pain
i can't feel its touch.

i can remember how it felt,
the smooth yet knife-like edge
slicing open my dense skin.

i can remember that feeling,
i yearn for it to come back
and haunt me.

i can remember the sweet release,
the deep incision
and i want it back.

yet i cannot remember how it felt,
i cannot feel the cold glass
that was once there.

but i want it back.
i can't imagine what the sting felt like,
although i've felt it
so many times before.

i feel lost without it,
like it has it's place on my skin
and deserves to be there.

i do want it back,
i ache for it deeply
to pierce me again.

please give me the strength to bring it back.
  Dec 2020 jasmine wild
I took my knife out
ready to be tainted in red
and it makes me want to cry
I don't want to do it
I want to believe
we can be pure
but I'm
jasmine wild Oct 2020
all we feel is pain
from a society that has torn us apart.
our words ignite thunder,
and our actions burn scars.
our views have altered because of
dreams crushed by stars.
our reality has deadened,
like our once-beautiful hearts.
we dream, we dance, we act, we sing, we write, we draw, we read
all to be someone else and to escape the reality of hell that we live in.
jasmine wild Jul 2020
your head buried in the grains,
icy waves rush over slapping reality into you,
forcing you further into the sand.

you say you feel "pain without hope"
then let me be that hope
the sharp slap of reality doesn't always fix your problems

a sequel to 'let me in'
jasmine wild Jul 2020
i wish i could make you listen
for once just understand
don't always expect me to be caught up in my own facade
when i tell you there's a problem, believe me
don't ignore it because it's easier for you and you can

please can you hear me
your disregard pulls me in deeper,
further burying my secrets,
forever hiding my sin
of self-loathing,
turning it into inflation
jasmine wild Jul 2020
never have i wanted to die more
than when under your spell
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