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2.6k · Mar 2019
Most people
Fear me cause I’m black
Because I’m different
I stand tall
In the indifference

Others, because I’m loud
Larger than life
Even though in my life
Nothing happens;
It’s going
Nowhere fast

But not you
You enjoy
Basking in my suffering
Just the same as
You enjoyed watching them suffer
Because it make you feel
No part of you knows
Humbleness or guilt
For pride and ego
Now act as your shield

How without mentioning your name
The room is now not as sunny
You’ll shift uncomfortable
Act observant
Until eventually my words get to you
And you’ll roll yourself a cigarette

If this is goodbye
Then I’ll speak what’s on my chest
I despise you
And everything you stand for
You use your values and roles
As a glue to trap people near you
You act like you care
Until someone challenges your goals
You pull people close
Especially if your ego is struck
Which I think happens
Sometimes I wonder
What lies you have told
To others about me
More concerning though
Is what lies you tell yourself
Because I can see them

As it turns out
We’re 2 sides of the same coin
Even though you do all you can
To dull my face
And turn yourself towards the light
And mine to the dark
You forget that I like it here
You think you’re the first
To do this to me?
To leave me behind in the dark?
To strike me down when I already am?
To get so obsessed with themselves
Being better than they were yesterday-

Finishing that insult
Would only motivate you more
I still have more power over you
Than a *****
With your **** in her mouth
-but I will not use it
No I will not say it
For like my gift
Of words and poetry
- I refuse to abuse it

Good luck to you
Your friends,
And anyone you see fit
To be by your side
I’m gone
For I known you’d do this
For I was warned and my God,
They were right;
And I own a lot of people
An apology

I have sliced
This little coin of ours
And now you have your wish
You have all the light
Anything you could possibly want
Take it!

Because I don’t want it
I’m not motivated to be bigger
Or better
Than the next guy in the room
You really think anyone
Can intimidate me?

No, instead
I’ll wash my side
And try my best to remove the grime
Because even looking like this
Standing alone between
Insanity and the zone
One day I will return
And, regrettably
Outshine you

Because that’s the only way
To get any
1.7k · Feb 2018
My life starts as a simple seed
but even then I'm hunted and destroyed
but if I'm allowed to grow
allowed to bloom
through caring hands
the most beautiful flowers that
you have ever seen
emerge filled with medicine
to help those in need

My flowers are dried
and cut down to size
they now glow so beutifuly
under the light, as if they're coated
with a sugary, white mist
that slowly cracks and sticks together
between your fingers

Before consumption, my flowers are admired
a small respect to nature is held
then, they're roasted, cooked with or grinded
each having their own unique
smell, taste and texture
each providing their own
unique stimulation

All you need is a little bit
one bite, ****, hit or bowl
let my flowers
fill your soul
remove your pain
still your mind
free you moentarily
from the hassle and bussle
that this stressful life brings

But never fear
cause no matter how far down
within yourself you may go
is only a little sip
and sleep only
comfortable position
1.1k · Mar 2019
Flawed perspective?
I’ve been told by many people
That my attitude is my problem
That my perspective is flawed
And that I’m ****** in the head
And I guess they are right
Cause after they say this
They’re the one that fled
Far beyond the mountains

But they’re right
My attitude
And perspective are flawed
I have been through too much
To even be or feel
Like anyone of you here:

But they are also wrong
Stupid and naive
To think that they’re energy
Their vibe
Is what I need
Because they also never leave
They’re little bubble
And enforce their perspective
Of how they perceive you
Onto you
And expect you to conform
To their view of life
And orderliness of their lives

I pity these friends of mine
I truly do
Because most of you aren’t even worth
The polish on my shoe
Which is why I don’t hide
What I feel inside
Because I still feel
I’ll never hide what I feel
I’ve been there and done that
As silent as the cries of a bat
I’ve screamed and shouted
But all I got
Was mute

Because they will blame you
Rather than blame themselves
They’ll say it’s your fault
That you’re there
On the shelf
Gathering dust
While they’re off making a success
And drowning in pointless, stupid
For power and fame
So when they see you again
They have something to boast about
Something to make them
Scream and shout
Sadly for this
No one delays
From seeing this

They won’t wonder
If your perspective is flawed
They’ll just ***** it into your head
That you are really,
Not because
People made promises
That they never kept
Or because they’ll happily replace you
With someone else
Or they’re around for the good time
And never for the grind
Or they hang and meet up with you
Because they need to pass the time
Or come begging for advice
When they’re backs against a wall
Blame you for your life and misery
But don’t listen at all
Or better yet
Plan and promise to meet one day
But you never get the text
Or call

So no,
I think my perspective isn’t flawed
I’m an extreme, like my parents
A combination of black and white
Producing the devils’ offspring
If you think what I’ve said before
Isn’t true
Then don’t say it at all
Because honestly,
I don’t care
And the last I recalled
I never asked for your opinion
So kindly keep it to yourself
Like me, put it on a shelf
And wrap it in a nice little ribbon
In a way that makes you feel
Safe and in control

Because unlike you,
I know what it’s like
To be used
And called upon
To replace the now
Gaping hole that’s in your life
Because ‘they’re gone’
Expecting me to respond
Like a dog being called by name

I never wanted fame
But I know what it’s like to go insane
To feel and be told you’re crazy
And yes, I am too much
Get to close, and I’ll burn you to a crisp

So I cut you out
Like a sore tumor
For the better of the host
For the better of myself
Because I don’t need the help
From people like you
But this still
Doesn't being me piece
So instead, I’ll write
I’ll make you
1.1k · Sep 2018
Rant #2
There's a demon that's inside of me
contained in it all the fury
that I'd won't be myself
without 'me'
It draws me nearer to the darkness
that dark edge
honestly, I'd rather be without
and yet I can't confabulate
how I'd survive without it
but once you mess with it,
I get triggered
here comes the real ******
just like in the movies
can you move *****, please?

Go ahead and laugh
let's pause of a minute
and think about
the tragic downfall
of the good boy gone bad
cause now he's mad
and he acts like a gangster
crates a barrier that people get phased off
by no means a show off
too ******* to get off
this ***** and it's ****** up
too bad and in reality,
it's not so sad
that the greater the good of the heart
the more pain and darkness
tears it apart
to feel something that produces so much warmth
stop, freeze and grow cold

The world looses another golden stone
bonds broken and I never thought
I'd find a home away from home
between four walls of thorn up plaster
like a humble slave begging for a master
to please, spare the souls of the ******
to make way from the release of this pain
**** drives you insane
like a heart attack
some though they'd cure
with more *******
wearing a bulletproof vest
and it still finds a vein
what this **** puts me through
would turn anyone else insane!

Way past the other side
so far off the human spectrum
it's a daily struggle to get by
while bones break
I don't need to be woke
when I'm awake!
Heaving myself up **** creek
the future is so bright and distant
it seams bleak
all I hear now is silence
no matter what happens,
I got no choice but to get by this
back to past-tense:
where are my defenses?

This is by no means a cry for help
I can clearly deal with this **** myself
I got no choice
all ships that mourned and port
are now distant specks on the horizon
off looking for other prizes.....

I'm just lost for words
how this **** still hurts
how having expectations leads
to furious damnation
and broken promises
shattered without care or affection
who ordered this human damnation?
the need to bond with a fellow human
that's only expressed though insemination?
does anyone else understand this frustration?
this contemplation's
got me so confused and frustrated
it's given me constipation
and at this rate
**** the human race
it moves so fast
that even they can't keep pace!

****** them all!
'what a show off?'
yea, **** it
at least I get off
and share a bit of this pain
a burden for all to bear
the death of a baby sheep
no longer make me weep
or bring mourning
the morning rays
are so painful, it's appalling
it's so painful to see the morning
with all these feelings from my heart
keep pouring onto this oriental carpet
of Indian design
watching the blood soaks the rag
at the speed of time
bleeding fast
going out cold
whilst leaving a mess
my body turns to stone
and it's all over
sound off,
light out
peace and ******* *******!

I'm out.
good morning, hi, hello,
sorry I've been away for so long
but as you can see
I have been quite busy
what no one else would
taking care of myself
putting me first
being selfish

Sorry about the mess
in this little cluttered
cave of a room I've been calling home
it stinks, it's *****
with cobwebs on the ceiling,
beer bottles littering the floor
of other times when I was merry
pizza boxes as tall as tallboys
and empty packets of ice-cream
create a mosique on the floor
the air is thick with the smell
of burnt out tobacco, stalenesss
and ****

I should have cleaned before you come
or at least
let in some lig-
Not that corner!
(in the dark there
you could make out a corpse
broken and contorted
in an uncomfortable position
neck broke, jaw dislocated
it's bowls, the contents
littering what once a seamless blackness
and a face twisted between
fear and constipation
if not also frustration)

Sorry you had to see that
but that is the model before myself
as I said, I have been working
in this little space.  
As you can see unfortunately,
that model there was different
everyone loved him
and it's sad that he has to be replaced
(for now)
why? well...
look at the floor
the only person who's been in this lab
other than you
is me and it
and that for me
simply won't do anymore

And with that, the cave comes alive
the dust, smog, garbage
are slowly swept away
and the light, such light now
fills this little whole
till all forms that were the past
are removed, lost, forgotten
and left bear

expect for a sofa and a coffee-table
with a mug of hot coffee
a slice of cake
and a spliff on the side
and there I sit,
to see
what this new form
this new energy
brings my way
675 · Nov 2018
The return of El Ego
And it breaks
though the silence, the smog
the pain, the screams
how I have missed you so!
it's warmth
penetrating my brain
as slowly my senses
come back online

something is
we don't talk anymore
as in
we still do...
...but it's not the same
they say that change is good
but this...I don't agree with
what has changed?
maybe my radars off
or my care-free attitudes'
thrown everyone off
to all payed their dues
and were off on their merry way
whilst I realise
that time for me
like everyone else
still moves forward
my space
does not

I guess I've been alone
too alone
for far too long a time
just me, myself
and I don't like it
this impenetrable coccon of my own making
which till now none have claimed for the taking
protection with a Durex garantee
locking me in when I want to break free
...but I'm locked in without a key!

I guess that's how things are now
forces that change
beyond the safety
of my control
and at the same time
I'm still not use
to this new form
I'm still too weak to fight
again, what fight?
I can barely hold on what
ground I can stand on
knees are still weak
and my back is still broken
mind is still split
between what's real
and what may have never been
tortured by what was daily
still makes me cry daily
with a future
that I've now accepted has been robbed from me

So I stay alone,
safe and sound
behind walls
friends and enemies cannot see through
its *****, it's boring
nothing is ever exciting
life hits a low-low
where nothing happens
because this chapter is
once again

...maybe I should be more like you
surrounded by so many friends that I have too little time to keep up with?
or you
juggling too many jobs at once with no time to rest?
or you
shoving your reputation and achievements down others throats so the forces bow down to your might?
or you
concerned about the next post that will make it big cause the only source of happiness in your life?
or you
hard headed, wanting to conquer the world on their own?
or you
the one others look up to as the source of guidence?

**** no
if that is the road I must choose
when all else ia used
I demand the universe
returns me to stardust!

I'd rather be
the underdog, who thrives over the leftovers
the ***** who has secrets and stories to tell
the sailor who has looked mother nature in the eye
the artist who struggles to find his muse
I'd rather have Satan slow-cook my testicles over a fire
than reduce myself,
to be grinded down to a dull point,
then be in any way like you

I am better then you
**** it, I said it
though I never needed to
it's just a simple affermation
but I guess
after all this
I have an ego too
it points me in the direction
I want
and it's not driven by what
You expect from Me
and I will chace it
yes, I fucken will
by any and whatever means necessary
because at the end of the day
no one really cares
or looks out for me
like Me
640 · Jun 2020
Go back to your country!
Go back to your country!
- I was first told this by the age of 2
Back then,
I wasn’t able to tie my own shoe
But still,
I knew even back then
That this would become
A returning trend

Go back to your country!
- Note: it’s rude to say this to guests
A visitor in your own home
Should feel safe and conformable
Not scared and uneasy

Go back to your country!
- but if you want us to go back
Why do you keep your door open?
Why boast about your
National kindness and hospitality
This is recurring theme
In this countries history!

Go back to your country!
- wait
Are you seriously intimidated by me?
Does this simple pigment make you feel uneasy?
Are my beliefs really that alien to you?
….or are you saying you feel better
Knowing that someone somewhere
Has it worse than you?

Go back to your country!
- hell no
Are you saying that you
Feel comfort in knowing
That you’re sending me to war?
To starve to death?
To hear my children
Cry themselves to sleep
Or to death?
That sending my family back
Would mean
We’d all get rapped
Butchered and used
And displayed across your T.V screens
Ghax is-suwed slvagg

I am a part of this country
I was raised here
I have my life, family, friends
I got my education, health, driving licence, job
Haq Alla, anke dan
Il-liba Malti taghlimt!
I have my life here
I am one of you!

But I’m still told
To go back to my country
Women still
Hold their bags closer to them
As I walk past
Fearing I’d rob them
Mothers still pull their kids closer
As I walk past
Or funnier still
The cross to the other side of the street
Little girls, or teens -
Because these days you can’t tell the difference -
Call their parents, or better yet
The police
"Ghax hawn imigrant warraja"
You can't simply walking home

Primary school children have told me
To go back to my country
On the bus, you’ve avoided
People are too scared to sit near you
And even though I think and feel
Just like any one of you
You still talk down to me
You belittle me
"Ghax dan l-iswed ma jaf xejn"

In this country
I’ve been refereed to as
Monkey man
The token black guy in the group
Xadina tal-coco pops
Haga sewda
Tifel tax-xitan
Bil-hmieg tad-dnubijiet
Li ghamel ommok
Ghax hi marret ma isswed

No no,
I will go back to my country
Even though I know it means my death
Your message has been heard loud and clear!
The more you push,
The less I want you near
But I won’t go by plane
How I had originally came
But by boat
So that way,
If I sink and drown
I’ll reach the bottom
And be with my people

The people who know
That life
That living
Is worth
Trying not-to die for!
639 · Mar 2018
Shouts a voice through the rubble, dirt and fire
I can only hear the sound, but not see.
The dirt in my eyes now
layered as thick
as the make-up girls wear back home
yet, through all this,
through the shaking of the earth
the fires that burn everywhere
and the flying metals
that wish to taste the inside of my skull
I feel the touch of a hand I know
my friend, my comrade
Whom, out instict
out of conditioning
pushed me into the ground
protecting me
as hell licks past
at frightening speed
and, angry at not finding it's target
rains down the earth
from which a tongue of hell
for a very brief moment
can be seen.

Hidde­n in a tree
the hawk lies perched
while looking down through his God's eye
slow at breath, waiting, calculating
his feathers keeping him warm,
sheltering him from the wind
waiting for his pray to cross his sight.


He pulls at me to rise
such courage, such pride
but the earth wants to hold on to me,
'it's safer down here,
bowed under the dirt'
becoming part of the earth
and yet,
out of will
out of luck
out of fear of becoming
a sitting duck
I drag myself over the ledge
and run after him


The Hawk never liked war
the wasted, useless killing
There's no fun here
if you can consider this as sport!
but more of the idiots
the juvinaials
those who have given up on life
go to be wasted, dead or eradicated from the surface
'like these two' he thinks to himself
as he spots two running across to a covering
the furthest one, the bravest
has some courage, some spite for war
and as he lines the shot
for a good, clean ****...

­If you told me it was a magic trick
I swear I would have believed you
As in the thickens of that fog
between the roar of thunder that made the earth move
the quick and blinding light from the explosion
in the uncertainty of that moment
as if the earth swallowed him whole
my friend
In a fountain of red, bone and minced meat
and for a few seconds, I'm stuck in place


The Hawk, hardened by war
though slightly moved by witnessing such a horror,
exhales from what his God's eye has shown him
adjusts and inhales
lines the shot, a stationary target
the perfect target
takes a long, deep breath
holds it and with it
displaces himself as far from his humanity
for what he must do
or rather was brainwashed to do
is surly anything other than human
an animal instinct run rampant
the talon slowly contracts a milimiter
around the trigger
the gun spits fire, smoke
and a piece of hot lead
zooms towards it's target
listening to the summoning of death
as it moves through the air
with the intention
of helping gravity pull the target
closer to the ground
and one step closer to hell
637 · Jun 2018
My life
Till now
has been a series of

I have been blinded
by the darkest of rooms

I have seen words spoken out-of sobriety

I have heard the silence
in the loudest of rooms
and the shreeking shrieks
of silence

I have felt the rage of solitude
and the loss of togetherness

I have seen the flatness
in the curve of the horizon
and curves
in the straightes of lines

I have felt love
in the hardest of hits
and pain
in the most gentle of touches

I have seen the stars
shine bright in day
and the Sun
illuminating the night

I have felt love
the kind that leaves you hollow
and hatred
that draws you nearer

I have felt the yurning
to return to that room
and the fear
of having to leave it

I have felt the joy
of losing one to that peaceful slumber
and anger
as new life born

I have felt disgust
cursed by my own skin
and glutny
to simply be like the others

I have felt the rush
of the unwilling
and the slowness
of those willing

I have seen the greatest speed
in stationary objects
and stillness
as life flashes past

I have felt the craving
for nee love
and the hate
of old love

I have felt the fear
of independence
and the bravery
of dependence

I have felt the regret
of seeing morning come
and the joy
as the night approaches

I have felt the lust
for things I can have
and the chastity
of what I can't bring back
626 · Dec 2018
I lose...everything
The wind's howling
and the temperature now
keeps slowly slowly falling
to the point were
you're ex's heart
might be considered warm

You don't believe me?
I don't blame you
because frankly,
I don't believe myself
a conversation

How can I?
When my own mind is filled with delusions
Lies and haunting horrors of the past?
What am I saying,
I have long-since gotten over that baggage
I am not my past, but my present and my future
and those who judge me by the past
can forever exist in it!

However, I feel that...

I don't have any friends
it's true; all I have are sunflowers
who bask collectively in the sun's golden light
reaching high for their aspiration
and never look down to see
the dirt they've dug themselves in
or ether side to their fellow plant
with odd-looking creatures
coming by to **** their color dry
whilst enhancing their rainbow of colors
all aimed to shine the most amongst themselves and the flowers
because most are only in it for themselves,
their own personal gains where they're ego's are messaged
gently stroked, grown and nestled
and because doing this
feels good and keeps them safe

I will never be loved
how can I? look at me
look at the filth I'm covered it
the dark, heavy, tear-soak sandbags under the eyes
the tired, but stiff shoulders
the back straight with tension
and a slight tremor
from anxiety
the weight-loss from  the depression
and how insomnia
causes blood-shot eyes
dizziness and loss of balance

I will never be happy
when deep inside
all there is is darkness and gloom
hidden under layers
of canvases painted with water-colors
that are slowly washed away with every rainy season
and watch as in time
as each layer is washed and removed
the dark, thick, heavy sludge
that is my world
(this is the part were most
are ether too scared to come near and run
others simply turn and leave
and worst of all
they watch you slowly melt and fall
while they feed of your pain and misery)

I will never be accepted
and this existence is much less than expected
they will judge, criticize, scrutinize
your ever imperfection, dent, cut, bruise
curl, wave, volume, curves
because the world demands
that those that shine too bright
need to be dampened
for others
can't shine so bright

'Let them in'
a voice whispers
'let them in, they won't bat an eye
they see a light
in the darkness that you don't see.
Just open and they'll come,
it's O.K to be scared
to expose that most vulnerable part of yourself
because in that part of yourself
you find,

And so I did
I opened my doors,
smiled, gave a bow
and waited for them to come inside.

But no one did.
I've been gong through a rough period recently in which, as it can be seen, my mentality has not been the sanest.....this is the result of my pain
do not remember
the warmth
of another body
my understanding and perception
of love
has all
been changed
though time and experience,
yet my memory,
which is my own
has no recollection of it.
It's blank.
A scary thing to feel
to see those truly touched by love
and you're to wonder
where's mine?
what's wrong with me?
where is my piece of happiness?

It comes again,
slowly seeping in
and in honesty,
it *****
the limited warmth away
I'm not talking about
what genuinely makes me happy
for you see, I'm an addict of love
an addict caught without his drug
whom has sacrificed himself
to changes different loves bring
till eventually
I lost myself
in the intoxication of
drugs and hormones,
burning myself out

....or rather,
I should say that's what I was
I have come to terms
not just with my flaws
but what's the main problem
down deep in my core
to why
there is never any satisfaction
as to why
what I crave is
the warm embrace of support when the world turns against you
that happy smile that lights up your day
eyes that send you to another universe if you stare at them long enough
the gentle touch that calms the nerves and steadies your aim
the sweet kisses that momentarily stop time
those moments of admiration at the little imperfections
that one spot on their body that you claim as your own
the secrets and little details no one ought to know
the pride felt when the other succeeds
cause you know all the tears wept to get that far

Because you can only fight on your own for so long
and the kind helping hand of a friend
can only hold, lift, carry and heal
so much

That is why I weep
why I can't feel
and why love
is still something
I don't understand
for I
have no memories of it at all
and yet it's still what I crave

I think this is what happens
when you've been alone
for this long
569 · Dec 2018
Beta > Alpha
To make yourself insignificant
is simple; make
your voice even quitter than the squeaks of a mouse
lower your gaze from the heavens to the ground
and focus on the black soil staining your boots
hunch your shoulders and arch your back
as you carry the hidden weight of your intelligence

Slower your pace to that of boredom
rather than purpose
wear cloths that fit you too big
to hide your size and strength
shoes too small
if you can afford any at all
pull your hoodie up
to hide your face from passerby
and face down, not forward
gaze fixed, lost, broken.

Do not stroke the ego of your friends
offer little to no support
for in their recompense,
they will not save you.

Don't reach out to those you need
for your need will become a drug to them
and don't accept the help of those who offer
for that will become a tally of re-payment
turn your back on any proposal of aid
no matter how enticing
they may be

Withdraw within yourself, within your own thoughts
do not show weakness, even when you're forgotten
hide behind pride, ego
immaturity; a soul not stained by life's lessons
keep the mask on as you slowly
become insignificant, unfazed
and follow others
like sheep to their death
and yours

if you ever wish to lead
it is simple
turn your back on your gods
for they never cared for you
and they will never follow you

Instead, simply say
'I will no longer chase
it is time that I switched pace
instead I will lead
who dares to follow me and my steed?'

see who follows
if any at all.
562 · Jan 2018
Anxiety: Attack!!
Something has happened
In a clear blue sky
Lighting struck and
I'm triggered.

I have no control
A foreigner in my own skin
Betrayed by the very body I called
my own
My vices start to rear their heads
Happy, sadistic smiles on their faces
I recognise the shaking
The adrenaline from my veins
Displacing me from myself
As it slowly builds
Waiting impatiently
To erupt

I don't recgonise who's in the mirror
That face,
those eyes
They're there,
but out of focus
Cool water calms me
From the sweat off my palms
Deep, slow breaths,
Happy places and counting
But the calm now won't come
My headphones have abandoned me
These limbs of mine shake uncontrollably
And food doesn't stay long in my belly.

It erupts.
And the world.
As i.
I for-
get to.
As my heart can't quite seam.
To keep it's beat.

cause the world is suddenly
Too Loud
the lights
Too Bright
the temperature
Too Cold
Everything's Too Much

And my brain crashes.

Not sure whos fault it is
Or why I'm like this
For I figure im just built
with faulty wiring, a brain overstimulated
And when this surge in current passes
I'll rise, exhausted,
Drenched from the
Take a
deep breath



544 · Oct 2018
Rant #3
Caught in this endless loop
Repetitive, redundent
Grinding out what's left
Challenging this beating heart
To see if it has anything left

Still got no hope left
Heart still beating
I can feel it in my chest
So drained out
I'm washed up
So feed up
I won't eat grub
Cold ankles and joints ackig
Back breaking
Always debating
Whether this world
Is worth it for
It's taking

'I don't want to live anymore
I want to die!'
Strikes fear in the hearts
Of people like you and I
Between the cold self and human help
That shiver is felt
Rocks the ages
Changes paces'
Challenging the question
'are you insane man?'
Then comes the whole list
Of positive vibes
Hoping to turn your life around
Or ask for help
(but know
It's all bull
And even if it'
Not true
You're still shook)

Helping to shine a light
In this void of a
The black hole of
Go or no go
But the problem is
'What's the point of escaping to a world where yours is shuttier than it?'
487 · Mar 2018
The day has arrived
Much heavily awaited
For their sounds have been baited
Though our friends, Facebook, YouTube
Till we're forced to move
Simply from the good vibes
That the night somewhat promises to us

The night has arrived
Slow, people start to come
individually at first
Then, the crowd gathers
Eagerly waiting for the doors to open
The doors of heaven or hell
Two extremes that society has though us
"The songs of Satan", that's
what I was thought techno was
And that these
'songs of Satan'
Are for druggies, junkies
And those lost souls
Whom have given up on life

They were so wrong.
So juvenile
So conservative
There aren't lost souls
How can the be?
They hunger for life, to live
A chance to chase the rabbit,
not to hunt it,
But for the fun of the hunt
That rush, that excitement
How can they be lost to life?
Granted though,
Shady deals are made
With those who can provide the escape
And what did you expect?
For you see, where we're going,
Only a select few among us
Not gifted or special, but
Simply daring to
travel down that path to the unconscious,
to bring these demons to consciousness.

And face them in the dark
A darkness that's never silent

The light! It's on!
The rust to get in, to escape
This is by far not an addiction
But a drive for one's satisfaction
As the thumping, rhythmic treble
And the bone-shaking baseline
Get louder and stronger the nearer you get
Till you're inside,
Only by the comfort of the collective dark
And the sound slowly shakes your senses lose
And, with drugs to booth
You dive

Your body slowly
Repeats it's rhythmic steps
Through the vibrating rhythm
Faces start to blur
As you drop deeper and deeper
As that satisfaction for your vices
Slowly gets satisfied
Whether it's MJ, Coke, Mandy, Pills, Nicotine, Alcohol, Anything! or Sobriety
You slowly move your centre
Ether further in or out
Of focus  

And then, you're in; in that moment
You feel
Detached in your own world, yet connected with those around you
The DJ
Becomes the worlds safest puppet master
Your friends
The good vibes you vibrate off
The drugs
Simple tools to feel what life has numbed you from feeling
The darkness
The safe space where your true nature can come out
The baseline
Your guide of your oscillating frequency
And the melody
To which your mind latches onto as it sways in and out of focus
When everything's aliened
That little spot within yourself vibrates, buzzes
And, through blur, tear-filled eyes
the crowd moves in one unified frequency.

All at peace.
All calm.

All willing to feel,
And never go numb

The stress leaves
Worries, pain, problems
Slowly melt away
Along with your spinal fluid
as quickly as it starts

It stops.

The night passes in a blur
The lights are on
The darkness abolished
And you feel your insides
Slowly being demolished
From the exhaustion and the strain
Of hours of non-stop movement

And yet, what is this I feel?
it goes on
As if someones' hit that switch
and it's stuck, always on
Until once again, that itch
To return to the darkness , not for fun
But for peace,
For giving up that control

And trusting that tonight
The DJ will send you on their own unique journey
And all you and your friends have to do
Is hang on.

"You come inside one way, but I can guarantee you'll come out different"
A deep and sincere thanks to one of the greatest clubs in the Maltese islands, it's deep and heavily connected social network and to all those who, like me, have come to know the place as their 2nd home.
359 · Apr 2018
Emotionally Busy
It once started
a long time ago
at which point
neither of us were whole
and something clicked
not looking as defective
or deviant
like the others
just like when metal meets flint
a small part of the sun licks out
and dies before it can be caught
such a spark emerges out into the night
wanting to last
wanting to stay
wanting, for a moment,
to take the pain away
and for a moment
a brief moment
but as it's seen,
fear creeps in
like man first discovering how to make fire
none dare to  hold the intensity of the flame
produced from such a spark
or the intensity of myself
for no one over expects
that such contact
can produce such heat.

In light of such heat
the distance starts to grow
suddenly, everyone's too busy
too caught up in their lives
for some,
the darkness
doesn't allow them to see the light or to feel it's warmth
and for others
the light
blinds them not just from what the darkness,
but drives them to fear the dark
others simply consume
unconcerned with what I feel
I'm just another thing
that's part of their collection,
a portfolio of individuals they've
consumed, walked over, abused, manipulated, twisted, broke
a human meat punching bag
they just used to rip of
to get to where they are now
a simple stepping stone
a fix they needed for that moment
when they needed to feel whole

In ether state
looking up at the sky
for hope, courage and care
or around themselves
for insight, salvation
falls of deaf ears and hence,
they close themselves off to insight.

Cause of this,
I walk the earth alone
I still think I'm built different
a defective product of God's grand creation
where nature's intensity's maximum is 10,
but I'm at 25
too hot to handle
sounds like a childish joke
that brings a tear to my eye
because suddenly,
what was once
exciting, liberating or peaceful
is replaced by  
no time
no money
no freedom
no peace
and as a results
no hope.

Hence, that is my reality
where I live in the sparks
of anything that comes my way
of anything that strikes me
that sparks me,
when all I want is a supernova

".....but in reality
they're not busy
you're just not a priority
for like you, there is no other
God noticed his mistake
and made amends when
it come to such errors
you're once again stuck
between the need of boundless destruction
and absolute freedom
but regardless of your choice

." - Depression
354 · Jun 2018
The light in the darkness
I'm tired
of fighting alone
of fighting the silence
that always becons near
Of simply feeling
of the monotony
of just being

In a room of dark
where light
is said to be a myth,
hope drained
or what was left of it
and I fear
the end now beckons near
Like a spiral with no grip
Or a leg without a hip
I'll fall
slowly consumed
by the black hole
who's mass weighs
the souls contained of
those consumed by the dark
where light can only hope of escaping

I've feared the dark once
of the demons it's said to contain
till I once meet my own
and realised
man has much darker ones
in store
than the darkness
could ever hope to produce

I'm tired of fighting alone
and I don't want to anymore
I don't want to see the darkness anymore
banish it from existence I will!
I must
For I have
too much to live for!
too much I haven't done!
too much I haven't seen!
Too much I haven't felt!

I don't know how to ask for help
it's something I never learnt
it hurts me sourly for
I don't know how
to let out or see the light
everyone sees in me

But maybe one day
I will.
347 · Jul 2017
Breaking out
Hidden among the dark corners of my mind
In a place were I only knew I left him,
I found the boy, shaking and cold
A boy no older than six years old

Needless to say, the boy has seen ****
The world outside is distant and scary to him
Eyes full of wonder, yet consumed by fear
He looks at me dead in the eye, ready

No no, my sweet child. It's time to move
What's out there, I can assure you, you'll survive
You're a fighter, mummy and daddy's little trooper
But fight for yourself, not just for others
For now, all that's left is you, for this is
Your life
Your dream
Your ambition
So what will you now do?

Shaken, the boy rose slowly and walked
Towards the light, and as he did so
He grew in hight and weight, muscles and hair
and, glacing slowly behind him
closed the door to his safe space
343 · Mar 2018
The Funeral
The weather is nice today
long after the storm
The dark clouds now pass
The sun is shining, there's
A nice, light breeze
to cool the sorrows

Droves of black
mixed with shirts and ties
Long lost friends meet
for the unjoyous of occasions
As droves and waves of sorrows follow

The box, the final resting place
Which no number of riches
Can beat or replace
On a wave of 6 ravens
is slowly ushered in
In deafening silence
As it moves effortlessly
Across the marble floors
Walls of white, lined with gold
And intricate designs
of the afterlife
But souls and minds
Filled with black and sorrows
those there, rise and fall
rise and fall
time and time again
The weight to rise against
is heavier
more difficult
for each dip slowly draws nearer
The final farewell

Amongst the coughing and sneezing
the pastors words
across the megaphone,
Though heartening,
Fall on silent, deaf ears
With promise of the future
Of bliss and pain free living
And life must go on
progress into the future
or regress into the same grave

But why do you cry?
Why be filled with sorrow?
Why be filled with such pain, such loss?
A passing, any passing
be it the poor begger on the street
a child before they lived
The men who made a name for themselves
a dear loving wife
the elder that holds you near
Should be honour, respected
Cared about


they're still alive
in our heard, minds, souls
In memories, photos,
Little snippets of joy
What is preserved, what lasts
What in itself, is eternally immortal

But for now, in this room, in this box
We say our final goodbyes
or see you laters
to their physical forms
the world stops, even momentarily
while life outside
337 · Feb 2018
The Rainy Day
The rain washes and pours
Washes and pours
As it falls down from the sky
Its' waters cleansing whatever
It slyly slips across

As it pours, it slides across my skin
Soaks my hair, drenches my bearded
Cleansing me from the earth, the dirt
The stresses of life
Slowly leave with the water
Turning it  black with sooth,
With bits of plastic
And smelling of metals

The rain cannot however
Wash away the memories
The pain, the scars
It cannot fully cleans the spirit
Or heal the soul
It can only touch the external
For the internal well,
That needs something different
For the rain can
only provide comfort
In tears

The rain washes and pours
Washes and pours
331 · Dec 2018
Boxes of Donuts
Last night
on a walk
minding my own business
I was disturbed by a stranger in an instant
she smiled at me
and handed me a box of donuts.

She had just closed shop
and didn't want to throw them away
and seeing me, she hopped
at the opportunity to give them away
to a passersby

And since no one else was around
she gave me all 3 boxes
each with 6 donuts covered
in cream, chocolate and pastry
filled with jam, cream and chocolate

My first thought
(after thanking her that is)
was who would I share them with?
I knocked on doors, but no one was home
to enjoy this treat
and considering my recent treatment
as my life has been passed though a blender
I thought
I'll eat them all myself

And so I walked and walked and walked
with boxes of donuts in my hand
back home the flock
bent over the boxes
and one by one they ate them
and one by one they gave them away

Except for me
for I couldn't eat a single one
because they contained milk
and I'm lactose-intolerant
324 · Mar 2018
The Power of a Poet
As poets
We undermine the power
we have when
we make
Pen meet paper

We could confess love
Declare war
Bring piece
Record history
Change lives
Inspire the universe
And hope that
one day
our work won't be forgotten.

Or we could do like the rest of you
And never meet pen and paper
Not letting our thoughts escape
cloud all our judgements
And write nothing
300 · Apr 2018
It's quite now
but for the chirping of the birds
and the  hum of electricity
there are no arguments
just silence

I have what I need
a place to lay my head to sleep
food to keep myself going
water to cleanse my body
friends to keep my company
and family, concerned
as my finances slowly drain
cause being alive is so **** expensive

Between these four walls
the silence becomes defeaning
and slowly they come
hands, arms, tenticles
and other-wordily appendages
come forth to pull me in
back into the Abis
away from the light
and back into the darkness
for I see the brightness around me
but can't seam to find it in myself

I don't want to go
to the place that has no feeling
where the sun doesn't shine
it's light never touching the ground
were it's so cold, desolate, lonely
nothing grows, nothing comes of it
a barren wasteland of
wasted time, energy
draining your will
till you're consumed from the inside-out
cause it aches so much.

A defiant character in all of us
hidden in a corner
the quietest voice we hear
the one which with greatly fear
pulls us down within oursevles
and we question
how can it be so?

The lack of one by your side,
the tender love and care
that's so hard to come by
cause life isn't fair
hence, why so many of us die

Hence I pull
against this tide
that vows to stop my progress
because I'm all that's left inside
me alone
fighting against myself
and the sound
294 · Jul 2017
Memories of my Father
I never knew my father
All I have are photos
the name I was told that belonged to him
and nothing more, nothing less.

I yearned to know him, but I couldn't
Life didn't provide me with the opportunity
to do so and yet, even as I grow old,
I know that it was a bridge that I needed to burn
One which I know I can't go back from.

And yet, in a way, I know him
I see him in myself and
as I let go of what was
and could have been
I slowly remember him
the efforts he gave
his gentle touch
that he tried to care
that he tried to love
but still, it wasn't enough

All I have now are these new
repressed memories
from where they come from
I don't know
and I don't know
if they're real or not

But sadly,
I hold onto these memories
because that's all I have
of him.
285 · Jul 2017
The traveller
Come forth
You the hungry traveller
Rest your feet by the fire
Let your boots dry
And your spirit rest

It appears you've come a long way
There's this fog that slowly breaks off you
You feet are blistered, no doubt the journey was tough
Ankles sprung, knees swollen, back cracking
Carrying such a heavy load
Why do you carry so much with you?

Ahh, it seams that, while you've been resting
The load has gotten much lighter and the colour in your face has returned
you seam more sure of yourself, of who you are, of what you are
Your spirit seams to finally be at rest

I will not keep you any longer
there's determination again in your eyes
a fire behind those dark irises now burns
hotter than the sun
I know that, once again, you must be off

Till we meet again, traveller
till then, I wish you the best of luck
and may the next time I see you,
you'd be more whole and your spirit
white, light and bright
282 · Feb 2018
Dawn, disappointingly,
shines through my window
sheets are cold, but
my bed is warm
those are the only sensations
I fell, if only for an instant,
just enough to realise I'm still here
but not long enough to appreciate my life
then, they come
in force, one after the other
a non-stop battery
of cures
illogical and supportive thoughts
permanently fixed in their unsuportiveness
always negative, relentless
to the point of numbing
the bliss of feeling nothing
overwhelmed by the information given
to tired to process it all

Getting out from under there is hard
the monuments challenge that I,
after years of training, still find hard
and so, out I go
slowly, dragging
like a phone on constant low battery
my legs dance beneath me for balance
my mind in a haze
then, I face
someone I know
from my past or present
and I, out of fear, disappointment,
and cause that's all I've know
engage my auto-pilot
and just like that, it works
because it's believable
because it's as face value
because in our hectic life where we're raised to consider ourselves
and put ourselves at the highest of peaks
because every sacrifice has a price
because no one wants to cut deep enough
because everyone's scared to make the first step
because add the end of the day
people only really care about themselves
taking the quickest route
of minimalist of effort,
but the highest of gain
cause it's easy, it's safer
because being comfortable is so safe
cause that way, you save yourself
and not get contaminated
though misery loves company
it's the poet's muse after all
yet lending an ear
it the equivalent of a ****:
a warning is given, but
no one wants to stay around to smell it

So now, when night comes again,
after a day of fakenes
of routine, drilling though
just another day
where nothing changes and everything remains the same
I'm exhausted, drained
too much to process
too dishearted by these thoughts
to move, to feel, or love
with so much going on
that my mind jams
my back stiffens, shoulders tense
the cold sheets becomes welcoming suffering
unchanging, present, stable
the only consistency I've known
for so many years

And as I close my eyes,
they play their evil tune
all over again a-new
and I pray for them to go away
I shout, I scream, I cry, I beg
I fight with everything I have
but with reserves depleted,
it's not enough.

So I drift into a comfortable numbness
waiting, hoping, praying
that tomorrow
never comes.
271 · Sep 2018
I am a storm
I come rolling over the hills again
winds howling
air electric
with the sound of lighting crackling
and the boom of thunder behind,
always at a false-start
and the rain!
what rain?
this pouring stream of water
falling, falling, falling
till it soaks the ground
removes the dirt from years of hiding,
revealing the truth, the true nature
of what lies underneath

The seas are tubulent now
as the waves fold, twist, bend,
mould themselves into
monstrous waves  racing move across the sea
making boats dance like drunken sailors
if you could call it dancing at all;
as if a chef is icing a cake, but never
brings it quite
smooth enough

Everything is soaked, waterlogged
the wind blows past
children hide close to their parents
while others look on eagerly, trying to guess
where the next bolt will strike.
The dog howls and barks at the storm
but it's no use;

For I am not intimidated
for I am much louder
for I can bring
much more furry.

My winds have been around the globe,
blowing through valleys, meadows, forests and grasslands!
My rain has washed the world clean
from fires, dirt, dust, death, debris!
My lighting has sparked the questions
on energy, life, fear and adornment!
My thunder has made you fear the god
by it's loud boom, shaking the bones within your bodies!

I am a storm
of howling winds,
pummeling rains,
thunderous clapping,
flashes of light
and unrelenting wind...

....and I am feared
only cared for and adored from a far
for I am to much for any man
even Lady Nature herself
could ever hope to handle
for only a few have the courage
to reach my Eye,
but even fewer of you would be willing to stay
within this storm
in this world were man
loves the sunshine,
260 · Mar 2018
2 Years later
It appears the journey
I stated 2 years ago
has finally come to an end
or so it seams.

I have arrived at the point
where it all stated
in better shape than I left
in retrospect
I'm bleeding,
the souls of my feet
blistered and blackened
my hands, shoulders
covered in thick calluses
of the weight I beared
and still do

Rest now, by the oases
and, tempted
I look into the reflection

I do not recognize myself
nothing is the same
nothing is as I remember
I have changed
damaged, broken, weathered
in frustration of the load,
I toss it into pool
the water feels cool on my skin
hence, remembering I'm parched
drink from the fresh sping
from the crack in the wall
and dive into the pool I do

As I emerge
drenched, clean
I sit and let the water settle
now dark, thick, black with sooth
and look again

I still don't recognize myself
but this, what I see
now, I recognize as myself
an ideal me
the real me
from an improbable perspective
cleansed from the aftermath
or the harshest climate
produced from a world that knows
no love, no kindness
but only hate and pain
a pain burried deep
withing the caverns
of the dark and srary
that cowards fear to face
and honorary men die for
if only to have it for a moment.

It's peaceful here
if only not for the pressuring heat.

"Here seams nice
the point where my journey stated
and where it should naturally end.
I am tired, I need rest
And this heat will keep me uncomftable
until I figure
which direction should I head to next."
245 · Dec 2017
..:: Faded ::..
She thought she drove past him today
Maybe, but she is not too sure
For the memory of him
is now
243 · Oct 2018
The demons have come again
The demons have come again,
basking in their dark, icky shadows
bringing darkness in their way
turning the light black

The demons have come again
smelling, oozing, laughing?
as the color from the world
is slowly drained from their path

The demons have come again
slow and steady, as large
as mountains, weighing just as much
imposing, immobile, defeating

The demons have come again
shrieks loud enough to wake the dead
the pain draining inside the head
and hunger felt that can't be feed

And slowly their weight is felt
slowly, gradually, progressively
it weighs you down and the
world slowly loses all color
all meaning, all majesty
the sounds deafening
over the opera of thunder

The weight becomes to much to bear
moving through sooth, sludge, oil
it becomes
as the world now rests on your shoulders
the silence becomes a menace
the void of the darkness
the double-edged addictive safe place

Hide under the sheets,
hide under your achievements
hide behind your ego
hide with
warmth, care, rest, love?
they are of no defense to them
defying nature, defying logic
they come, and then quickly

Until the demons come again
that is...
242 · Jul 2017
I knew
I knew
From the moment I saw you
that everything would change

I knew
That loving you would make me vulnerable
in ways I never though possible

I knew
That your strength, love and support
would get me though the tough times

I knew, you were the best thing to ever happen to me

I knew
that one day I'd **** things up
that one day I'd slip and all this would be over
that one day I'll be nothing more than a  bad memory
that one day I'll just be another mistake,
a flawed chapter in your life

I knew.
235 · Aug 2017
I need friends
real friends
not they type that stick around only for the good times
when the alcohol is flowing
perfecting themselves
for that next camera flash
and posting online
how awesome their life is
just to get attention
where everything is focused on them
and only them

I need friends
that want to be social
that want to go on adventures
where the quite nights are mixed
with loud and sometimes unspeakable tales
that no one knows about.
Friends that will be there
more and over willing to help

But it's hard, shedding the old and bringing in the new
so much effort to change and adapt,
it is needed, it is time, it's what I want
for I deserve better than sadly what I have
227 · Aug 2017
Dad vs. Grandad
So the man I knew
passed away today
sadly, I never knew him
not to my fault, but his own
his choices and decisions
that caused this rift
and maybe his passing

A man died today
there were tears, wailing, crying and silent sobs
I knew him well
his habits, skills and wisdom
his suffering and challenged
but now he rests
now he is peaceful
220 · Apr 2018
The word addicts fear
And users loath,
For due to a lack of control
One loses hope
Till the light in the abyss
Is far, small, distant.

I don't like being sober
It hurts too much
constantly on edge, eager
to pounce, shoulders hunched
Mind never rested
And always invested
I'm the next thing, the next problem
The next distractions, the next fix

The hopes of enlightenment
In some form of Devine ex machina
Now fails me
As the fog slowly clears
lifted, I open my eyes to my life

And its ****.
I don't like what I see
I was so blinded to all the problems   the delusions and dysfunctional attachments
Broken relationships and shattered emotions
Which sadly now I know will never change and cannot be fixed

The voices and insecurities now slowly creep in
Shuttle, slow
like death through the night
Silent, deadly, accurate
I slowly become aware of the void
It's more in focus now
and with it, my thought flow back to her


How after all this time such thoughts should return
after all these years, I
Still feel the relentless urge to run
not backwards, but to her
To get my fix, or rather
my cure
As my mind is slowly flooded with memories
Of things I don't want to remember
Actions I've done
The person I had once become
The man I once was
What once was and now is
What was family, friends, loved ones
and what is in the here and now

I know it's the void: this much I'm aware of
For even in this absence of light
I still can't shine bright enough
The darkness overwhelming
And with it, I once again drown
Me vs. The world
Heavily outnumbered
Exhausted, beaten, drained
Though now I'm too tired to fight

So alas, I'm ******
Between life ripping me apart
Or my demons shredding my mind
Sleep now sounds like a fairytale
And love a rumoured emotion that brings happiness and joy
And happiness an emotion I can only observe
And joy a satisfaction in ever feel worthy of feeling.

So once again, I pray
That this pain, feeling
This annoying emotion will soon pass
The weight weighing me down
I cannot move
For lifr will not give me the liberty
to be free.

Like a densile in distress
Waiting for a knight in shining
armour to save my ***
I extend my hand to the universe
And hope that Someone
Pulls on the other end.
204 · Mar 2018
Clean Slate
I understand now
just how
the world works
you're expected to bow
to every request
but if you can't manage, how
to do so, then
you're ******,
good luck!

I understand now
I'm a simple pawn in game
weak in my strength
and easily, mercilessly lost
cause in reality
what else was I?

For in a world
consumed by the very fabric of consumption
it's easy to take, take, take, take, take
and never really give
and those who give, give, give, give, give
die of starvation as
they readily give their wealth, health, wisdom, pride, love
only to be slowly ****** dry
by those who cant or are too stubborn to feel

I have nothing left to give.
There's no point beating around the bush about it
my resources, all my resources
always running,
never resting
exhausted sounds like a sweet nap in comparison
Even my ears
that once were used for listeing
deaf, a constant hum and buzzing
my soul
or whatever's left of my spirit
stretched too thin
and unable to take anymore

I am a wasteland
or wasted land,
whichever you see fit
there are no fruits to bear for my labours
everything is still, nothing grows
so burn it
all of it
too the ground!

And as I watch the flames progress across the horizon
while getting ****** off by some girl from the Amazon
whiskey in hand, blunt in the other, with no care or bother
as the flames slowly consume the landscape
I walk over her burning corpse and
and look at the burning wasteland
and like God on the 7th day
satisfied by the chaotic clean slate I've constructed
I'll simply say
'I saw it was all good'
198 · May 2018
Rant #1
I want a hug
'cause these drugs ain't enough
to keep these demons at bay
sleeping on a bed of hay
poking through the sheets
making it hard to sleep
pains occurring at random
all phantom
but surreal
detached from reality
but all I feel, this is real

Just making an observational acknowledgement
For I fear that all this might not be incomplete yet
Error, hmm, seams like an error
within' the system
I should go down and probably fix this
beep error
hmm, but I could care less

Deafening silence
I can't get by like this
just thinking about it
has me shivering in fits
there's no bliss
just remorse
followed by the devilish vocals
of a heavenly courous
****, this ****'s labourous

Maybe end it all?
just another one with bad luck
in society who took the fall?
I don't really care at all
pop some aderall
to numb what's little left in me
so I don't feel anything at all
and yet the pain keeps creeping
the untouchable part of my mind
that just begging me to die
to stop my heart,
not that it does anything more
than beating
times fleetin'
reality starts seeping
the pain's got you weeping
creeping up,
the needs' so ****** up
delusion of pain
like ****** or *******
injected straight to the vain
to end up
so ****** up
and washed up
with no prospects
and no future investments
what's the point of stopping
for a rest then?
- messing up
when did it all go down hill
and get so ****** up?
what happened to the simpler times?
what happened to the times
we'd sit back as spit rhymes?
evolution comes with it's own
system of countermeasures
like sudden fleeting feats of pleasure
the more intense
the hotter
the better
fusion and contustion
splices by the fires of delustion
or so it seams
voices seams to say that
somethings missing
this beep
still isn't getting better
there's a missing link within the system
get that fixed son
broken social interaction
what's this infraction?
how could somethings so
not trigger a reaction?

carrying nothing more or less
ingesting words of my victims
fear me
cause that's how the world's been programmed to see

but i digree
this is not what i do best
this isn't me
taking off this vest
I'm tired
burnt out and done
tired of screming
at the top of my
the war has been wage
and the battle heavily fought
and what I was once loosing
now I have lost

I wait
and prey, or rather hope
that our childhood fantasies
miracles, dreams, wishes
do exist

'Cause I could sure use one right now
173 · Mar 2018
The cause of so many conflicts
for simply not understanding something new.
Out of fear,
we act irrationally, dazed
surrounded by a haze
of our own insanity and insecurities.

To be Fearless
would be a great joy
to be unbound by the ordinary shackles of life
to be truly and utterly free
but this
is a double edged sword
for how will one know,
without fear,
what is important
what's safe
what to hold near cause it's dear?

Fear feeds on itself.
It molds, shapes, changes
into the impossibly scary monster in the dark
Consumes your mind and body
if one is to delve deep enough
to have what they wish and desire,
they must be strong of will.

Otherwise, fear will send a chill
down their spine,
freezing them in place.
168 · Aug 2017
"Something should have happened by now"
I thought to myself

Luckily, something did happen
Sadly, it wasn't to me
163 · Dec 2018
I was told that my
makes life much more difficult for some
makes things much more challenging
as if I enjoy being constantly numb
and feeling the time of aging
slowly pass me by

seriously, from the darkest and most hated part of myself
and I do deeply apologies to myself
for I have made a fatal error
and have been taken for a fool
in thinking that you'd realize
that these 'moods'
are out of my control
as if I pre-plan
to wake up depressed or anxious
to walk out of my room
barely getting enough rest
from the constant demand of
'being the beast'

I guess you think I find it enjoyable
to spend days in bed
to lose all my self-worth
even quicker than blood oozes from a cut
and yet you yourself
would never come near
to wreak in the stench
of sweat, tears and fear
because, God forbid
my contagiousness spreads

As if I enjoy
being constantly on edge
ready to blow up
because I know I'm messed up
so much so
that my own mother
considers me a ****-up
a complete let down and disappointment
that's considered to be resentment

It's a sad world we live in
when half of us dream of living
and yet, we're anchored in place
while we watch in horror as the world
together as one takes flight
while we're left in the dark alone

You have never stood beside me
and saw this dark and gloomy
world of mine from my own eyes
I know now, you'll never stand by me
and the day that I decide to go, you'd be the one
to cry the most
at least, deep down
that's what I hope
for it's those who cry the hardest
that carry the most guilt

And yet the darkest, saddest
most humiliating truth
is that there's someone else
we both know
suffers like me
and all you've ever shown them
was sympathy
what humility
for me to reduce myself to such a level
to think that you'd care the same way
for me as you care for her
because it's her pain
that you are willing to bear
whilst for me,
my own flesh and blood
runs to the hills in fear

I should have expected this
yes, shame on me
because we both know
that this has been done before:
didn't want to taint himself with the sins of man
so instead
he sent his son
162 · Feb 2019
The Invisible Man
I am the Invisible Man
you don't see me around
my head hangs low
and I'm always glaring

I am the Invisible Man
in my ears
music is always blaring
drowning out the unrelating
noises, who's voices
bring curses
released in all my verses

I am the Invisible Man
deep inside, the sun is
always shining,
it's blinding
but to be constantly
in the shadows of the vastness
the curses of the masses
to degrade beyond regression
your soul can't regenerate

I'm the Invisible Man
the man that blends in
even with the colour of my skin
an uneventful circumstance
of an unchanging tide
that abides by forces
far beyond the reach of our control
being lost and oppressed is all we know
the confines of a dark corner
trapping us in both space
and time

And yet in our minds
oh, the universes we hold
the billons of thoughts we see
the hopes of life that we bring
the virtues of love and kindness
that abides us
to the care of humanity
sadly, it drives us to

It ***** to be Invisible,
152 · Jul 2017
What really matters?
And to think
in a few years time
all that once mattered
151 · Nov 2018
Prayer to a new art form
I think I've found my new addiction
I think I've found my calling
this things that I have been yearning
to fill my life with light

I am and always will be an artist
that I know for certain
but this thing that I've been yearning for
might, finally, have found home

I'll probably go deaf because of it
but in the scheme of things,
it's worth it
I have always been an artist
and now, finally
my spark is lit
148 · Aug 2017
Knight vs. Dragon
The knight hides behind a rock, catching his breath
the armour he wears feels warm against his skin
he can smell burning flesh and hair
but thankfully
if you can see things in that way
he's still alive

The dragon paces, smelling the air
his prey is small, weak and easy
feels like a sport
with the cave full of nooks and crannies to explore
fuelled by the anticipation of the hunt

The knight slowly crawls as quietly as he can
he must get behind it, take advantage of it's blind-spot
the shadows are now his friend
until they betray him in flashes of red and orange

The dragon isn't having fun any more
he sets his surroundings ablaze
smashing every stone it can reach
it knows it hasn't gotten his prey
then where is it?

Little does the dragon know
how right it is
for this little fellow
must now steady is fits

For behind his, he is
and waits for that one mistake to happen
147 · Mar 2018
The heart beats again
thump -bump....thump-bump

It comes again
slow, rumbling, ominous
out of a deep, dark hole
that I once called a heart
it comes

thump -bump....thump-bump'

what is this sound?
from which dark corner
of what's left of my soul
of what can still feel
does this come from?
This feeling, these emotions
what are they?
what do they mean?

For you see,
these concepts
my perceptions
have changed
and now, these feelings feel anew
and it's scary
dangling on the edge
of a cliff
with sharp, pointy rocks at the bottom
ready to pierce me

And yet your touch soothes the pain
from so many years of loneliness and misuse
your hands on my skin know
just where to be and what time
you kiss me with such passion
i get dazed
your naked body, it's curves, shapes and angles
i feel honored and unworthy of such presence
you look at me as if i
hold the universe in my hand
in the utmost scariest form of perfection
you lay yourself bare, exposed to me
fearless, driven, ****

Please, don't fear the pain
or the thoughts that put you to shame
maybe this effort not be in vain
for I fear I might feel that same pain

And yet, I let go
and I fall
144 · Aug 2018
The Quiet Ones
Everyone loves the quiet ones
the good one
everyone loves the silence
except us.

They love the care we bring
the support when moments are though
and envied as a shoulder to cry on
for the weights, the burdens we carry
as so great.

We quiet ones are caused
by those ether too wise to come closer
or too afraid to come nearer
to the depths that is us
and our misunderstandings.

Cursed in  moments
when you're competly alone
with the only thoughts to contemplate
are only yours to bear
where everything is transparent
your worthlessness only visible to youself
and you're invisible
the world goes quite
as you're tapped in a world
you only wish someone
could break into
144 · Sep 2017
One Year
Hello again
we had once meet before
when I was a different kind of man
the kind that wore a mask on their face
to hide his true self from the world

I am now a fragile man, laid to bear
the curses of his punishments
for the sins that he committed
that haunt his soul still
for he was not himself

But now I've changed
I've suffered though the pains and the hardships
to make myself whole again
I've endured countless sleepless nights
the pains in the joints
the loss of the mind to insanity
and the insecurity of being unloved

And yet, nothing has changed
even though I have, the world around me
remained the same
143 · Feb 2019
I resigned
I resigned
my spirit is now broken
my heart torn
my will, my drive
was once gone, but now
must be forced out
from deep within myself
and my body hurts in places
that I did not know possible
but then again,
do you even care?

I resigned
because I had enough
because I hated
what I was being turned into
because I disserve better
because I am better
and will not allow myself to be
grinded down and moulded
to your liking
to suit your cause

I resigned
for my life and mental health
are worth so much more
than your apologies
or your pity; neither serve me any purpose
I saw how you change people
what promises you simply state
but you only tease from high above
our goals, through you
simply dangling from a string, toying with us
to strip us bare
to make us
for by losing, sacrificing, abandoning
what makes us, 'us'
we jump higher for you
to reach your expectations of us
and lose ourselves in the process

I resigned
I think I've said this before
I still feel that it's a dream,
all the years of hard work
now really
account to nothing
for I was eluded that I
could be something more
the saddest part?
I  was and still am
already something
just not your 'thing'

I resigned
the only downside
is knowing that I could have made it
for I have supported so many others
and I now watch them go far
floating on the horizon
without a second glace back
but sadly, my good nature
has not been returned
It's a shame that a tank that supports others
doesn't get the support back
for they simply assume all is well
because he's a tank

But I also blame you
for I remember a time when my friends
were my friends
were we laughed at how pointless things were
the simple things brought us the most joy
and time was simply something to be used wisely
for it is in short supply
so you spend it all on your friends
but you broke most of my friends
they are now self-absorbed in themselves
like horses with shades on
oblivious to the world around them
they walk over anyone and anything
to get their way
and if you're not part of their agenda,
not someone they can use to gain from
or a hand to stroke that ego

I'll be alright
I may have lost the fight
but believe me
I'm built for this kind of war
I'm just glad to be out

Before I could no longer recognise myself.

"She has left port!"
at first, thought was
"This is a dream"
but on closer inspection, it was not
she had been commandeered
by the one everyone keep never-near
and was sailing fast towards the horizon
and all that could be done was watch
as a Baldboy sailed off laughing
his voice booming across the sea...
141 · Aug 2017
I once flowed far, deep and wide
my current once strong, waters full of life
the sun glimmering over my waters
and birds dipped their beaks to drink

But a storm came once
almost a year ago now
it howled, poured  and thundered
and slowly, my banks overflowed
landslides blocked my currents
and dirt, soil, sand
clogged up my arteries

It took a lot of hard work
a years worth to be precise
it took patience
dedication and time
but I'm almost their again

I can feel the flow
as I carved away a new path
So far, I've washed away what held me back
I've become smoother, gentler
an all round improvement

I can't help but wonder
what's next
135 · Dec 2018
Goodbye Moon-man
'Look at them
those idiotic fools down below
grinding their spirits away.
That will never be us,
we have a plan, a dream
and together
we will succeed.'

And I thought what you spoke was true
I believed we'd do great things together
but then you twisted words, ideas
because you're so desperate to stand out
to leave your mark in the dark
before the light stamps you out.

That's why every time
the light shines our way
you believe everyone around you is fine
because we all look gay
and you're happy, satisfied
so you turn your back towards the darkness
and run towards the light
and any friend that's left behind
watches you run in flight
how sad it is for me to think
that you'd be here for me
the same way
I was there for you
to think you'd help me rebuild
but you leave me there fiddling
in pieces on the floor
in a much worse state
then an extremely-cheap *****

I don't believe you anymore
you have lied to me
broken the cardinal rule
and worse is
you think that I believe you
I blame myself
for letting my guard down
yet, I'm left here thinking

You have left me in the dark
how dare you say I'm lying
I've watch the moon rise from my window
4 times, while I was trying
to lift the weight of the world
off shoulders
your excuse was
'I was busy'
and that struck a cord
because you would have chased me
if I promised I'd **** you more
to feed that ego; the highest of statuses
you believe that you diverse
and anyone who dismisses that
you break with your words

I don't believe a word you say
did you think I'm gay?
do you think of me lower than you?
than shoo
away with you
you've been gone for 4 months
you've been so 'busy'
that you've run out of luck
yet, you still had time
to play, write and ****

We're not friends anymore
I can feel you blocking me out
we don't talk anymore, so
you don't want me to know
whilst I've previously seen your tears flow
and you don't want in
on my darkness that's within
even with my door always wide open
in this day and age
trust is worth the fuss
but it's a shame that once
your shackles came lose
you only set yourself free

This disrespect
is wiped across my face
while you boast about all your ******
successes and riches
and any question about your short-comings
you're dismissing
hide yourself in your protective cocoon
that facade you work so hard to maintain
for I already know it will be in vain
because the voices in your head will still drive you

I don't think I can trust you
that you can lie to my face
and spoken behind my back
you always think I'm distracted
but I'm cautiously listening
feeling, dreaming
my mind buzzes to words I find appealing
out of concern,
out of love
I eves-drop on conversations
but I can't do that anymore
when you're *****' doing all the thinking

So this is how it is now?
I call a foul
on myself and my own senses
for it's them
because love blinds us all
I blame myself for this fall
my senses warned me
that something had ****** up
and even previously
I was cautioned
about a potential **** up
and it happened
how blind and stupid I can be
while you're out there running
you broke the promise
that we would both be free
you used me like a doll
for you've had many like me in reserve
so for you to leave
was easy
you didn't even say a word.

I honestly loved you like a brother
but now
I don't know if I can
You will never be good enough
But you will be expected
To still try your best

You are always perceived as incapable
But you are still expected
To keep up with the rest

You will always be nothing
But when you’re in social circles
You must always appear to be something

You will never have time
But you are expected
To always, somehow, make time

You will always bring shame
And you are wasting your time
To gain someone’s esteem/approval

You will always be a mistake
But the universe is never balanced
And perfection is an illusion

Your depression will always haunt you
The grey cloud hangs at a constant
But optimism will shine through

Your anxiety will always hold you back
But it is wrong and you know this;
It’s simply a question of belief

You can never trust anyone
But saying this brings disbelief
For you know the truth

They will try to manipulate you
To break you to their will;
But you can destroy your oppressors

You will never be rich
Always crawling from scraps off the table
But wealth comes in many forms

This exhaustion will never leave
And in time, it’ll get worse
But your abilities’ vigorous strength will prevail

You will always be needy
For after all, you’re only human
And prosperity is our collective right

They will project things onto you
Because they are too weak themselves;
Don’t forget your true self

Once given, you will always be an addict
For they don’t know the struggle and only judge
Don’t detract them; their biases lack reason

They’ll always call you a monster
Lazy humans desperately cling to the past;
They forget that the worst monsters are humans

Your expectations will always be shattered
The mind’s perfection is hard to overcome
But impossibility is much more enjoyable

Your gifts will be used and abused
For some fear natural talent
It will hurt; but also inspire

You will be loved conditionally
As long as you do, act and say what’s expected;
Show them indifference, not animosity

They will criticize you
On every little detail that make you you
But their approval shouldn’t concern you

You will be a disappointment
Because you don’t live by their rules
But your achievements are all for you

They will demand your respect
Because their titles are their only power
But don’t fall onto their bad manners

The intolerant will be racist
For fearing is easier than understanding;
Such biases should be meet with tolerance

They will compete against you
For some, being the best is more important
But there is harmony in sympathetic surrender

You will feel angry
Because life isn’t fair for us all;
There is delight in calmest simplicity

They will always want to be right
Because how dare you know more than me
They lead to immorality; the belief they are never wrong

They will tell you their opinion
And talk down to you in the process
Because only the weak try to rule the strong
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