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Isn’t it interesting
How in the absence of light
There is darkness?
How hunger
Signifies the need to eat
How thirst
Indicates one needs a drink
How no fuel
Doesn’t move your car
How no money
Means you have no value
And how words on paper
Can touch and move your soul?

What’s more interesting
Than all this
Is how we are drawn to the light
How we eat to stop hunger
We drink to cut our thirst
A full tank makes us drive faster
And money can buy happiness
Whilst poetry
Can melt your icy heart

Why do we consume?
Why is it we
See the world as an object?
Why is everything to us a possession?
Why must we compete - to pointlessly
Be better than one another?
What’s with this drive
To stand out from the crowd
When a man standing on his own
Will never be as strong
Or as loud
As a crown that stands together?

Why be on top?
If you ask any woman
Or man, it’s simple
Power equals control
A game of *******
For in that instance
You have become a possession
And once that happens
You have lost all your value
Not right away of course
But slowly in time
Because that’s how to properly
Consume and break a human
Slowly - the slower the better
And they will slowly crack and give in
Giving you their all
And accept that now
They are your property
In the final act
The secret move
The magic trick you never see coming
For 1 - 2 - 3
Abra -go-****-yourself
And they pull the carpet
From beneath your feet
By the time you’re standing
They’re gone
You’ve been dumped
On the side of the road
Like a used ******

Worse still
They would keep you close
Act like nothing is wrong
Smile at you
And as they speak
You read between the lines
‘I have replaced you’

Now you may think
This poem is about
The birds and the bees
But you are wrong
When you have friends like these
Who needs enemies?
Love is one
Extraordinary painkiller
Gentle in it’s touch
Addictive in it’s sensation
Just the thought
Induces constipation

You see
I’m not talking
About the love you see
In movies or series
That dictate to you
What you should expect
From life
Let alone love

Not the love
That’s as addictive
As morphine
Or worse still, ******;
The withdrawals from that kind of life
Will scar your heart
Taint your soul
Change you
Break you
For depending
On this kind of love
Will make a fool
Of you both

And no,
Not even self-love
To hell with that
How big must you swing
For it to ring
in you
That you’re aiming
For a dream
- a socially-imposed ideal;
To love yourself more
Than anyone else
Can or should?

Let me cut to the chase
For I believe I have stung you
And wasted enough of your time
What I’m talking about
It the love
That makes time stand still
Where details are most noticeable
Where tenderness is expressed
Through the most gentle of caresses
The crevasse of your madness
The blissful playground
That another's love
Turns the worse of nights
To day

The kind of love
That doesn’t come from above
And can’t be shared
Or shoved
Down the throats of most media

Most haven’t experienced such love
And most have only viewed it
On media

For now.
It seams to me
That the darker your skin
The less people take you seriously
They won’t look within
Or past the pigmentation
And they get mad at you
When it gives others temptation
They’ll say we’re just tools
Things on legs
With gigantic knobs
They’ll treat us like mad dogs
And call us lazy when we’re tired
And try and suppress us
When the masses start admiring
These mad dogs on a loose
While they tighten that nose
And call us savages
While if in the same situation,
They would do the same
If not worse
And claim that these ******
Are home wreckers
Because we don’t have the money
To protect our name
Or wealth

How depressing
When you consider
That man’s best friend; the dog
Is a domesticated wolf
And aggressive animal
That willingly broke itself
To be controlled by man
Still looks at other dogs
And considers them their own
Regardless of size, shape or color
Or if they share
The same mother or father

And to think that man
Would create such a divide
When they’re best friend
Is right there by their side
And they expect it to learn
From every word they say
But they won’t look through their friends eyes
The same way
Go back to your country!
- I was first told this by the age of 2
Back then,
I wasn’t able to tie my own shoe
But still,
I knew even back then
That this would become
A returning trend

Go back to your country!
- Note: it’s rude to say this to guests
A visitor in your own home
Should feel safe and conformable
Not scared and uneasy

Go back to your country!
- but if you want us to go back
Why do you keep your door open?
Why boast about your
National kindness and hospitality
This is recurring theme
In this countries history!

Go back to your country!
- wait
Are you seriously intimidated by me?
Does this simple pigment make you feel uneasy?
Are my beliefs really that alien to you?
….or are you saying you feel better
Knowing that someone somewhere
Has it worse than you?

Go back to your country!
- hell no
Are you saying that you
Feel comfort in knowing
That you’re sending me to war?
To starve to death?
To hear my children
Cry themselves to sleep
Or to death?
That sending my family back
Would mean
We’d all get rapped
Butchered and used
And displayed across your T.V screens
Ghax is-suwed slvagg

I am a part of this country
I was raised here
I have my life, family, friends
I got my education, health, driving licence, job
Haq Alla, anke dan
Il-liba Malti taghlimt!
I have my life here
I am one of you!

But I’m still told
To go back to my country
Women still
Hold their bags closer to them
As I walk past
Fearing I’d rob them
Mothers still pull their kids closer
As I walk past
Or funnier still
The cross to the other side of the street
Little girls, or teens -
Because these days you can’t tell the difference -
Call their parents, or better yet
The police
"Ghax hawn imigrant warraja"
You can't simply walking home

Primary school children have told me
To go back to my country
On the bus, you’ve avoided
People are too scared to sit near you
And even though I think and feel
Just like any one of you
You still talk down to me
You belittle me
"Ghax dan l-iswed ma jaf xejn"

In this country
I’ve been refereed to as
Monkey man
The token black guy in the group
Xadina tal-coco pops
Haga sewda
Tifel tax-xitan
Bil-hmieg tad-dnubijiet
Li ghamel ommok
Ghax hi marret ma isswed

No no,
I will go back to my country
Even though I know it means my death
Your message has been heard loud and clear!
The more you push,
The less I want you near
But I won’t go by plane
How I had originally came
But by boat
So that way,
If I sink and drown
I’ll reach the bottom
And be with my people

The people who know
That life
That living
Is worth
Trying not-to die for!
Meet my love , Mary Jane
She was never meant
to be used
nor abused
Yet, she happily filled my head up
views , news
perspective .
the abuse
and the news

Mary J.
continued to save ,for she
was respected
not rejected
by the perspective .
I slider across the ground
My scales caressing as I
Float above the problems
Of those who walk
Moving silently across any surface
Camouflaged on the ground around

I don’t love the air
But I kiss her often
To follow the scent of my prey
With my forked tongue
It’s ether here or nay
But surly,
I’ll find it soon

Slowly now
As the sun glistens across my back
Slow, steady
Every movement now is a
My prey closed of
Against a wall

My tongue licks faster now
Both in anticipation
And for the calculation
Of my strike, if precise
It’s deadly, fatal
As is the fate of my prey

It turns it’s head to the right
From here, I could get a really good bite
I think I gave it a fright
Standing out now in this light
Roll the dice
Take a strike
And for a second
It thought it might
Get away from me

You really thought you could flee?
And mmmmmmmm
My fangs seeping in this venom

I do this to survive
But I’m still
A villain
Being an only child;
I’ve never had a brother
And to be called that
We have the same mother?
No; not rightly so
Because brothers don’t leave each other
To face the storm alone
Such love isn’t conditioned;
I am not some drug-fix
To your unbearable guilt and loneliness
That you hope through me
Your ego can recompense
For the sins so horribly committed;
You hide the eyes for those
Who witnessed it!

So don’t you come ‘brother’-ing me
To have such a title;
You’re just a face in the crowd
A vice in the shroud
Of insecurities and deep personal fears
And I’m not around for you
Just to pull me near
Because you fear yourself
When no one is near;
I am feared
And it’s much better than respected
You don’t know half-a-life
Of being neglected
By the very womb
that birthed you!

Now you respect me?
Now you know you ****** up?
Now you bow your head
Now that my cup is full -
Overflowing past the rim
Below it a pool that I’ll force your head under
To slurp up the mess
While you beg for mercy
I’ll rest my foot on your head
To make sure you remain

I dare you to try and straighten
I really
I’ve survived for years in this country
And I’ll be dame if I can’t
Out-survive you
The chaos I painstakingly
Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly

I’m an *******
I am The *******
Who’ll force a needle in your vain
And watch the life drained from you
While you shake, seize and squeal

Because shadows are for cowards
Who can’t face the real;
My mother raised a gentleman
In a sea filled with boys
But life make me a monster
And that fills me with joy
For now it is felt;
The power beneath the belt
Not enough to make heat melt
For no throne can support me
- it’ll probably melt

I suggest you keep your crown on your left
And your sword on your right
Your army behind you
And your queen
Begging me for mercy
Infront of you

One day, I’ll come for you
As I’ve already done so before
I’ll just patiently wait for you
To step out of line
I’ll make sure on the surface
That everything looks fine
But you’ll feel it;
And I’ll smell your fear

But then again
You already stink of it
Any day now
I was informed a few weeks/months ago that according to a once-friend/fellow artist that I, quote, "am a *******".
Luckily, I've had this written last year
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