Every waking day,
I'd always
pray to ***,
I have that one
constant wish
and that was simply
your happiness

My heart would
always skip a beat
every time I'd get lucky
and witness a
shooting star

I'd get so happy
and excited cause
I'd have the chance
to wish for it

It didn't take too
long though,
*** answered my prayer,
the universe granted
my wish

You are certainly
happy now..

Just not with


It's alright though. Nothing is more important than seeing the person you love dearly happy, right? :):
"It's truly magical,
what we had and
heartbreaking why
it had to end

It's hard not to reminisce
when you gave me
so much to remember,
all of them beautiful
and full of bliss

I'm not gonna lie,
it hurts like ****
I break a little more
every day but
its fine, I use our
memories to glue
my broken pieces
back together"
It's been a year since we made our first poem together, we were so in love at that time. Now, I'm writing with pain and tears in my eyes, still deeply in love with you.. </3
The hardest
part is
from all this
A ten word poem to sum up how I feel right now at 4:28 A.M. Oh, and I haven't got any sleep yet. *sigh*
I don't know
what hurts the

Is it knowing
that the person you're
deeply in love
with has fallen out of love
for you or never
really did
to begin
It's that time of the day again, time for silent cries.
I believe that the universe planned our existence, that surely has to count for something.

You showed me your darkest parts and I admired you even more.
I stayed, rolled out a blanket, laid comfortably on my back and started pointing out the stars.

I'd always have late night conversations with the moon and I never fail to tell him about you.

How you have the most beautiful eyes and how your smile brightens up my day more than the sun does.
I guess that's the reason why I always call you, my sunshine.

It knocks the breathe right out of me realizing how lucky I am to be alive, telling you each waking day how much I love you.

I never required you to make grand gestures of forever but you promised me you'll never leave.

And that was good enough for me.

You made me feel alive, again. You filled me with hope and happiness.

You gave me your word and no second thoughts, I was ready to take the jump with you cause YOU ARE more than worth it.

But welcome to reality, promises are broken.

Fragile hearts and dreams are shattered.

You turned around and left me falling.

As sad as it sounds,
you gave up on us.

I closed my eyes and still chose to smile even if my heart was in pieces.

At some point, I realized that we meet people for a reason and sometimes they will stay in our hearts but not in our life.

Though you left, there will always be a corner in my heart that's yours.

I don't mean for now or till love finds me again, I mean forever.

There will always be a quiet place in my heart that belongs only to you.

I still wish the best for you, I pray and hope that soon as your heart finds a home, you'll stay and no longer leave.
I doubt you'll see and read this but, it could've been our first anniversary today. Though my heart aches, still I'm grateful for you. I love you, always. </3
"My heart lays in sadness,
it silently cries in pain"
My heart is broke and I'm out of glue.
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