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Brianna Feb 2017
I do not know how to write.
I do not know how to write positively.
I do not know how to write words that are not already spoken.
I do not know how to write words that do not smother the purity of life.
I do not know how to write words that do not suffocate my brain.
I do not know how to write the words that will make people stop asking, *"Are you okay?"
Brianna Feb 2017
I turn to the left and see myself,

trying to get back into the swing of things..:|:.
Brianna Apr 2015
Richie Richie
Itchy and

Richie Richie
Never was

Richie Richie
Chose the
Bad Missy

Richie may have been
Itchy, ******, never twitchy, and chose the bad missy,
but guess how he is now.

*A fishy hippie
who became less ******
not to forget, always twitchy.
Got a good missy and
now, is sixty.
  Apr 2015 Brianna
Caroline Patterson
I thought your chest
was a hole
to another galaxy

and the only way
I could touch
the stars

was to tear you apart.
Brianna Apr 2015
I'm back and at it,
I was an old burnt out candle,
My flame was growing unlit,
Sometimes, it's all too hard to handle.

My hair is short
I grew it long
I missed that sport
No, not pong.

This all adds up to an interesting thing,
Can you guess?
There's that ping,
My mind is a mess...

Of Extraordinary Shings
Brianna Jun 2014
Welcome to America."
Is what we would say to them.
Is what the obsessed would say.
"Who the hell are you?"
Is what haters would say.

****, why you gotta be so rude
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