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I like smoking with the angles just to make the devil jealous
Cuz even when I signed that contract he told me I was to rebellious

My nightmare over the years has been in a different tone
And ppl swear I change just my attitude is calm like Gucci with his clone

To ****** I smoke so my young soul won’t feel so old
Cuz wen the time is passing I’m still tracking myself on a new road
Today I smoked my last cigarette
Poured my last shot of jack
The reoccuring days of rain and thunder are no more
In the sunshine is now where I'm at

Time has been ticking on
Reminding me its been to long
I've been holding on to a past so dreary
Its time to sing a new song

Though memories are inked onto my soul
They're no longer on my mind
Brighter days, no longer in a haze
Is what I needed to find
Where are you my perfect creation
I'm stalling for you even when i ain't patient
I saw a picture of you that showed how your amazing
You light the fire to my trail now I'm blazing

My diamond
But Under pressure you become so cold
Your in a rough patch but they can't keep you on hold
But once you embrace... once you have faced ... You shine oh so bold

You don't reflect for the sun the sun reflect from you
That means your the course and of course your the obstacle
Your voice got pain and your beautiful speaks the truth
If your the definition of motivation then it's your body that I'll move
Once the window open up it's a different kind of breeze
And ****** put in extra work if they live on there knees
No subtitles but my idols have the safe for the work
And If they were force I made sure I enjoyed the perks

But I chose wisely in all my different cases
So I Shine bright no diamonds just the apollo laces
No church for the wild but just different kind of mockery
So let me put it down be for they start mocking me

Kings to the mild but what does the gold represents
The Depression and aggression and horrible contents
But that just history they don't want y'all to know the events
Because if y'all knew the truth y'all would fall and repent

Snakes in the grass but they come in different colors
So don't fall for the winter cold and false umbrellas
I subscribe you to sleep it off with brand new intentions
Because if we fall down they will still erase what was mention

Official with the hooks but I change for the books
And If I get any  points then I might look shooked
So ima have to storage my monogamy's in my apologies
Cuz ima **** myself if I start to believe in my Sorrys

But my description is chopped down to one piece
But if I mix it all then y'all all will destroy my peace
The vision is blurred but followers don't be scared
Cuz if I disappear it's to only to be reappear

No god to this
No honor to this
No honestly to miss
No lies to kiss

So the pro tools is open to the old school
And Exit them out because they're the ones who made the rules
Perfection is the correction if there's no path to follow
So I guess my wisdom will be my words and y'all new mottos
Last night I talk to my brother and he said I had a special gift
Something that people would look at me and miss
I said what about my damage and would history repeat itself
He said you just gotta know your values and your wealth

Passive aggressive I do it becuz I wanna evolve
And I hate it for those people who happen to be involve
Cuz this wasn't plan I really think I was chose
Only cuz this is a lesson I made sure was rare like a concrete rose

When I was little I use to be afraid to even grow up
I wish I could go back now cuz it seems those same fears has showed up
I'm only 24 and I'm already too nervous to Live
And I even pray for forgiveness for stupid **** I did

I had one dream saying if I committed suicide it be genocide
So it's a No wonder why me and these haters will always collide
Even in a relationship I learned how to put my pride aside
It still does work out but I just see it as another reason to try

If history repeats itself I wonder which one of my demons will be killed
Will it be by a angel or will it be by my own will
Will time sit still ,
Will the people who say they love me feel a cold chill

I ask this cuz I wanna know if there be a thought involved
Cuz the effect of me on y'all will never be solved
So who holds both end of the line we call destiny
I don't know if Is it by gods hand or just me

My ex said your asking questions you'll never get answers to
She said that's something I am that's something that I do
I guess its just my thinking problem
Ima just let history repeat itself
Unless you think you can solvem
I have lost in the beginning
But you're my win at the end
Broken heart cause me damage
Broken fear is what kept me alive

Broken ways what drawn me to you
Broken love is my way to say I love you

I am a broken man
I am a unfixable soul
I am still growing
I am still loose in my control

I am a question
You are my answer
I am a million puzzle pieces
You are my lesson

I have change to commit
I have cherish to adore my girl
Nervous not to live up to the standards
But losing you is a threat to this world
To Amber Nicole Ballard - Harris
Siempre cojo y voy por los que quiero y no lo que necesito
Ahora el bombeo de amor en mi corazón hace sangrar
Así que el bebé no me hagas que tu resistencia
Ima necesito que me haces tu existencia

No puedo creer que me dejaras hablar en mi propia terapia
Y ahora no tengo la paciencia para estas perras que se encuentren actuando de dudoso
Dijiste que no podías confiar en tu corazón
¿Es becuz de alguien nuevo o cuando nos fuimos aparte

Presa por lo que esta es la forma en que terminamos ... No podemos hablar de esto
Ahora, cuando se ve con otra persona ..... ¿Debo sentirme asqueado
Catch me jodidos demonios describo como Angels
Y dicen que el amor es una batalla secreta pero eso es el tipo de amor no me guardar para mí
I thought I try shareing my many talents !!
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