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Steve Sewall Jan 2012
by Shannon Phillips


I'm an undiscovered poet,
No one seems to care to know it,
I wrote 160 and more to come,
They are my feelings and mind talk on paper.
People see them as nothing but paper,
But the wise, smart, and beautiful enter them
As another world made by pen from hand.

        A new discovery is me,
        yet so undiscovered, see,
        come, come,
        cross the deep, dark ocean,
        swim my sweet sea,
        fly my fine few skies,
        get swooped up soon and soothed in my world,
        be taken by my air,

In my world you are a piece of clean paper,
You can be anything you want to be,
Float finely like a feather,
Stay free in any kind of weather,

But still people are afraid to see through concrete,
Afraid and forbidden to see,
So, still undiscovered iz me.
Submitted with permission of the author, Shannon Phillips, a sophomore at Marshall High School in Chicago when she wrote this in 1998.

— The End —