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Steve Nuenay Aug 2014
Like a passion, unfulfilled.
You hold me in an ecstasy, thrilled.
And now, the consummation of that ecstasy.
In your arms,
Is all I wish from you.
In my hearts of hearts, how I pine.
To splash you with my colors of life,
In every mood, to match my rhythm.
It's all I wish from you.
If only you say yes, then life....
Can spring forth from the fountainhead...
To spew my pearls of life upon your path.

My gossamer dreams are cast in glass,
As I ford my nights in dark.
Fearful, lest my fantasies shatter,
My hopes are inflamed.
Yet I fear, lest some tempest...
Puts out my flame.
I wait for a lone yes,
To turn on the springs of joy...
In the culmination of my dreams...
In the ecstasy of your embrace
It's all I wish!

I have my Moon over my skies,
Where dense dark clouds also hover.
I wish this Moon is never overcast.
A searing loneliness,
A pacing heart,
And not a moment's peace,
Make up a wonderful story of mine,
I have only a restless yearning...
For a passion unfulfilled,
For an ecstasy, the thrill of your embrace.
It's all I wish from you.
Coz it is you I only thirst.
Steve Nuenay Aug 2014
Take a look through your finger telescope
The world you see before your eyes is a story already told
Don't lose sight of the bright future ahead
You're destined to realize great hopes and dreams
But if you blink for too long, they'll leave you quick
Instead of searching for an excuse, get up!
Take a look through your finger telescope
Make circles with your fingers and put them around your eyes
Picture all your dreams
Imagine all the things you're looking for
And an adventure will unfold into your head
Where are you going?
Look through your finger telescope
What can you see in the space between your fingers?
It might seem far, but it's really not
Its' a promise as valuable as any treasure!
A treasure you're destined to find
Steve Nuenay Feb 2014
I'm yours. Don't give myself back to me.
Steve Nuenay Apr 2015
Apart, distance, and melancholy
Suffer, I do, I consider holy
Burns like ice, every single minute, every single day
Cold like flame, the silence when you are far away

Too many contradiction, too many inaction
I failed to do, I lost your affection
Once you were mine and I was yours
Now I bleed and all I lost

If  time goes back and I return
I will rebuild the things I burned
Oh your face, I forever see the sweetness
I thought with you gone it would be all painless

Wrong I was, and I know it can't return
And I accept, like Ice it Burns

— The End —