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It’s all about you,
Weather, it’s circling near and far.
Reasons they change,
But you remain who you are.

You’ve blurred, often,
Locked in unspoken words,
In sadness, in anger,
Too complicated for rhymes.

It’s all about you,
Yet real death is not yours to own.
It's all about you though.
Where else are you going to go?

Holding onto falling stones
Only takes you so far.
On these horizons,
I see who you are.

It’s all about you.
One purpose hangs high above
To be yourself
To realise beyond reason,
To realise love.

And the memories,
They rush in so fast,
Relief coincides with a notion
That they’re not destined to last
Grief ties you up against a Turners mast.

Yet after all, it’s about you.
Nothing hangs higher above,
To be yourself,
To realise beyond reason,
That you are love.
For my Dad who died 24/10/2020
Despite all the concepts,
Driving the thought train.
The stare remains the same.
Suppose you love, suppose you don't.
The smoke will settle ,
And you’ll see the baize was green,
Evidence points to playing a game.
I shall not walk away from this,
The senses are as good as silent rain.
Notions of love will also leave,
No longer pointed at,
Through glass windows of pain.

I die to life,
As the moon half faces the sun.
In silence we arrive,
In silence we return,
In silence I’m done.

I see death masks all around me,
As the important things disappear,
Emotion conjures happiness, joy,
Despair and fear.

So absorbed we are,
In so many learned ways,
So absolved we are
In hopes, dreams and prayers.

I die to life,
As the moon half faces the sun.
In silence we arrive,
In silence we return,
In silence I’m done.
Father dying.
Culture is not a petri dish,
For parents to spore.
It's a gift,
A journey to the core.

Starlight releases light,
A slave into the dark.
Guilt fires up
A tinder n' spark.

I'm not here for your retribution,
Nor revenge by the sword
I'm not here for a ghost infusion
Deity or high lord

For what is your reason,
For breathing in this air?
For what is your reason,
Do you really care?
Set sail,
My souls done,
It's mooring,
Out for the morning sun.

Fingers take on the
No more credit to play,
Winds pass on by,
The news today,

The world it's teething,
Casting out,
Wheels they're reeling.
This is what it's all about.
In this dream nothing appeared,
And you woke up.
I see the sun lion walking,
Across your face.
Her heart is deep in change,
In this place.
And woke you up.

Love is her shadow,
A wake into the wind,
In which we play;
Set sail to times past,
Stars unseen, still cradle the day.

And you woke.
I saw the Sun Lion walking,
Across your face.
Centuries divided,
Desires left to the chase.

She is with you, I called for her,
She told me, she is with you
The Sun Lion.
Poem I wrote for my wife's 50th Birthday Anniversary
Falling in love,
Is falling,
Let the darkness,
Seep in.

Brush your hands,
Against the white,
No idea who let you in.

No wings,
No landing,
Falling in love again,
Let the darkness,
Surround you.
Seeping in.
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