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 Apr 2017 Stephanie Lynn
You feel the onset,
a coming of age
chapters that came
now changing phase

pregnant mothers
of children's firsts
hints at marriage
or spiritual birth

Pages turn,
you can't halt it
hope to grow wise
if you can help it

the rhythm of life
is always of change
if you remain stagnant
your skin will age

To see the end,
oh a noble feat
a crying old woman
of 93

she lost her husband
her first and young
this was years ago

arms of iv's
and infected blood

calm doctors
of objective question
silent nurses
at medical attention

Though chapters change,
not all are the same
a spring to come
or hell's cold rain

I wish you the best,
upon your journey
 Apr 2017 Stephanie Lynn
Pull the trigger
  of ***** target
victimized by displays
  of fading fantasy
again, into other realms
of countering thought
what could be, what isn't
   the voice echoes,
here we go, another loss
    a new finding
           of life's
     endless surprises
 Apr 2017 Stephanie Lynn
Attentive eyes
    and nervous jitter,
trembling hearts
await their fate

barbaric practice
of modern acceptation
fear is faced
  in university fashion

Navy blue professor,
    of conductor hands
Giving presentations in college.
 Mar 2017 Stephanie Lynn
Do you wanna hear a secret?
She says,
I took some pills again,
I sat down on my bed,
She says,
And after about 20 I looked down at my hand,
And asked myself,
What the hell am I doing?

My best friend,
Your blades are double sided,
One cuts you,
One cuts me,
While the reality is,
Just a little blurry,
One night,
When he was extra flirty,
And now your friends say

you must be ambidextrous,
Cuz I can speak for the rest of us,
While your right hand,
Shovels white suicide pills,
Deeper down your throat,
Your left hand,
Raises death,
To my lips.

They say pain,
Is a double edged sword,
And you've been shoving daggers in my mouth since we were nine,
It's about time,
You realized,
Ending your life,

Ends MINE.
 Mar 2017 Stephanie Lynn
 Mar 2017 Stephanie Lynn
We get the blame, we get the trouble now
They got a pill it's just fine to forget it all
take all the pain away
A-ha, would I be myself if I did?
Not at all mine, from a song I heard that I just really identify with.
Copyright Racing Glaciers - Sertraline
They say in a way that time heals all,
That it sort of cushions or eases the fall.
That in the end things will get better,
Even if you are waiting on forever.
But time is simply a passing phase,
A clock slowly ticking away at your days.
Time is only a mere distraction,
It is meant to keep you from the attraction.
It grabs you by the wrist and refuses to let go.
And even when you look down, there is nothing below.
Because no matter what, you are stranded in time.
You cannot get out nor escape your mind.
So accept the fate that has been given to you,
And remember that time was never meant to be true.
It's been a while and I have writer's block so enjoy this old poem that I revised :)
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