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Stephanie Lynn Nov 2017
a heart can only break so much--
the bleeding must cease one day
and once all becomes still
in the dawn of the storm,
the chains that hold the world
in its place
will break away

--and you will be left
with the life altering decision
to repair the impossible,
or let it decay

there is always a glimmer
of hopeful sunshine
breaking through the rain,
but sometimes it's just best
to let the water wash away
the pain

a heart can only break so much--
fatality determined in a numbered day,
and once the storm has left you
there isn't much left to fade
(C) Maxwell 2017
Stephanie Lynn Nov 2017
everytime I think of
killing myself
i wonder who will mourn me

will it be the same people
i asked for help
that ignored me?

everytime I think of
killing myself
i wonder what comes after

will I burn in hell
for changing time--
chaos and disaster?

everytime I think of
killing myself
I wonder how I'd do it

and if I'd have
the courage
to actually go through it

every time I think of
killing myself
i wonder if it ever ends

but the pain remains
in after life
as i try to make amends

where lost souls thrive
to stay alive
i may be left for dead
(C) Maxwell 2017
Stephanie Lynn Sep 2017
a friend once found in the dungeon of depths
has become a friend that’s lost--
in the dark was pure gluttony
and lust of the heart;
but something within broke apart

separation is never easy;
anything i’ve ever known
has been taken away--
my comforts, my place of solitudes
and the forts of an intertwined connection
now forever changed

i sit in silence
backed into a corner as the world
fades to dust--
i watch my tears die
with the dissipating rivers
and all that is left of us
(c) Maxwell 2017
Stephanie Lynn Aug 2017
pain in this case is a necessity--
self inflicted to heal the hurt;
causing waves and ripples
of emotions--
quite priceless for what it’s worth
(C) Maxwell 2017
Stephanie Lynn May 2017
it gets lonely sometimes
Stephanie Lynn Apr 2017
brutal battles fail to cease
from north to south
and west to east
within her head
from heart to feet
it's she against
an entire world
that's quite a job
for such a girl
she tries her damnedest
to say the least
so she lies awake
and fears defeat
(C) Maxwell 2017
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