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Abbie Victoria
Happiness and sadness are always joined at the hip. Unfortunate, but it does not make life less beautiful. All Rights Reserved
Rob Rutledge
30/M/British Isles.    For a so called 'Writer' I have no idea what to write here.
S Olson
Hiruni Nimasha
Aladdin  Aures H
29/M    All Rights Registered®©️/ I'm Making Pause For A While To Clear My Mind , I Speak : English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Berber, And Algerian, Feel ...
Karisa Brown
22/F    On land , at sea or in the air.
Darrell Landstrom
20/M/FL    If this is your first time on my profile, if you'd like, please read "O Friends of Twilight!" (June 7th), or "The Hymnist" (September 17th) ...
Lior Gavra
My new book, "BitterSweet," has hit #1 New Release on Amazon's Best Sellers List, I hope you can grab a copy! Sample stories in the ...
111/Other/Hellas Planitia    ▪︎ ▪︎ ▪︎ 《 «любящий» - всего лишь фаза 》 ▪︎ ▪︎ ▪︎ My poetry is not for those who are weak of heart, stomach, ...
Brenna Gracely
23/F    This is my barbaric yawp echoing in the abyss of consciousness.
Midwest    Country woman with down to earth values.
Akira Chinen
122/M/texas    "we put it all into a poem, to tell the universe who we were, and why we were here, and what we said and did ...
Robert C Howard
Estes Park CO    I am a musician by trade. I compose music and teach and play flute. I strive to include poetry in my music and music in ...
Eric Martin
Canada    Check out my Instagram for my Art mixed with Poems and soon music
Karasburg Namibia    I love to read and write. That's mostly what keeps me up at night. Plus I draw to. Art is something that pretty much unwinds ...
Stella Stardust
Don’t judge me by my grammar (or lack there of). life is too short for autocorrect.
The Ripper
B'tween pen & paper    I am not a great writer, you just like to read bad poetry -
Dona Ana The Artist
India    I find Hello Poetry a sweet place to share my thoughts. It let's me convince myself that I am asking myself the right questions which ...
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