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615 · May 2019
Familiar things
Stephanie D May 2019
It's so hard to stop
So hard to let go
Of happiness, of joy
But also of the ghosts
That keep
Our sorrows

We find comfort in the familiar darkness
March 27th, 2019
273 · May 2019
Stephanie D May 2019
You only want me flawed
To do what you cannot -
Accept your own mess
Love yourself to the best

It's a selfish desire
Dire wolves to be fed
I am earth, not your soul
Never plastic, I'm flesh

Unbound by blinding lights
Strong emotions, distress
Insecurities, true
But no fear I confess

My weak flesh is now new
Muscles, stronger, I said
"Bullet-proof, self-preserved
To feel nothing, I guess"
May 27th, 2019
209 · May 2019
Stephanie D May 2019
May our words be enough one day
May we enjoy it while they aren’t
May 25th, 2019
208 · May 2019
Stephanie D May 2019
I'm so used to being leftovers
that I wonder if there's anything left
May 26th, 2019
192 · May 2019
Bad soil
Stephanie D May 2019
You taught me how to keep my back straight
How to believe, how to want more

You taught me how to look out for myself
To have faith, to hope

I still try to live by those tenets
Even if they are now meaningless
To endure hunger and thirst
To feed my souls with better seeds

But the soil won’t hold

The wind is refreshing
And, as with everything else
It’s a memory of something
I can’t have
May 26th, 2019
154 · May 2019
Fire and tide
Stephanie D May 2019
Even in the dark blue light
My thoughts still drip in red
As this passion is consumed
The tides rise ahead

Even in the blackest hours of the night
There’s a beacon of hope up there
Blinking in its yellow glow
Something to keep me aware

But some things are not to be heard
Or to be seen in the raw daylight
I draw no lines between exhaustion and devotion
My sins are not so big in the dark

If they keep us enclosed, I won't mind
Close, rising, then crashing from hights
Cracking walls between realities
Cliffs next to the water, breaking outside

I know this is far from love
But it’s close enough, somehow
If I’m the fire that burns in red
You’re the fireplace that contains my light
May 18th, 2019
153 · May 2019
Stephanie D May 2019
I write in this imperfect language
Like many others, imperfectly fine
These words are my choice; if empty
They served my heart just right

It's not my first, neither my last
But the one I picked to try
To find myself and then the world
I hope it may survive

The beauty of these phrases
Is the freedom they provide
May 26th, 2019
134 · May 2019
Stephanie D May 2019
It gets quite ridiculous
         When you compare
              Our uneven efforts

I thought we could make each other

I was wrong.
There was no
There was
a c t i o n
May 27th, 2019
129 · May 2019
Stephanie D May 2019
the taste of your grass
the feel of your silk
in my mind, it lasts
my hands on your hips

my mountains are soft
my branches have leaves
they shiver in thoughts
of feeling your bliss

we stand as two rocks
through caverns, we reach
unexplored insides
with fingers and lips

the deeper we go
the warmer we feel
there're no greater joys
than your sounds and your kiss
May 26th, 2019

— The End —