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Feb 2016 · 414
Starztruck Feb 2016
I knew this day would come.
When I will feel important and loved.
The feeling is worth all the pain and heartaches.
I wish this last a lifetime.
daily notes
Dec 2015 · 472
I never imagined
Starztruck Dec 2015
I never imagined meeting you.
You were the least of my choices,
But right now you are the only person I want to choose.
Despite of everything.

I never imagined, I could take all this pain.
Pains you have caused.
I never thought, I could still forgive someone.
Not until I met you.
Sep 2015 · 504
Starztruck Sep 2015
I'm not just happy to be with you. I am thankful because you came into mylife. It changed a bit, but that change was for the better. I love being with you all the time. You never fail to make me smile my love. I want the future with you. It is so uncertain, but I like the plans we've made. I wanna make it happen. I wanna be with you through thick and thin. I'll be your biggest fan and your number 1  supporter.

I love you and thankyou leo.
Sep 2015 · 74.6k
Starztruck Sep 2015
Sa bawat paghinga ko, iniisip kita.
Hindi ko maalis ang lungkot saking mata.
Tuwing naalala ko ang mga araw na magkasama tayo.
Masayang alaala na hindi ko mapagtanto.

Ano ba ang kulang?
Hindi ako siya.
Pero higit ako sa kanya.
Bakit hindi mo makita?

Nasasaktan ako dahil mahal kita.
Pero mas masakit na mahal mo parin siya.
Ang lungkot ng buhay ko.
Kahit kelan kaibigan mo lang ako.
Sep 2015 · 1.3k
Parallel Universe
Starztruck Sep 2015
Is there a parallel universe?
I was wondering one day,
Why do we let people hurt us today
When the world is so diverse?

I thought of this universe side
What if there
We are meant to be together,
You and I might collide?

Does it make sense?
Will we be happy of what we have?
Does it make us feel contented?
Do this all make sense?

No, I don't think you get it
There are things left to discover
But the truth covers it
And you were left to wonder.

In a parallel universe, you and I will collide.
In a parallel universe, maybe we were mesnt to be.
Sep 2015 · 1.1k
Starztruck Sep 2015
I am attracted with a guy whom I met because of a friend.
I don't know but at first he seems so quiet.
But when I get to know him, he is so fun to be with.

I am attracted with a guy, I shouldn't feel this way.
I might get hurt.
I want to the the risk, but is it worth it?
Is it enough for me to get hurt?

I am confused.
Should I still like him?
Should I get close to him?
Should I let myself go with the flow?
Should I let myself fall in love again?
Sep 2015 · 2.8k
Must Refrain
Starztruck Sep 2015
I am slowly liking him.
A friend whom I just met.
I was caught off guard.

His aura is so different.
He's funny and cute.
He hates how loud is my voice
Then he covers my mouth.

He's athletic.
I was impressed with his background.
He looks so strong.
But weak inside.

I wanna take care of him.
I wanna fall in love with him.
But I can't.
I must refrain.

I might fall for him
And that would be so painful.
Too much risk.
Too much pain, I can't handle.
Sep 2015 · 2.5k
Starztruck Sep 2015
I met someone today
He caught me off guard,
Shared some stories,
Smiled at each other.

He shared a painful love story.
He was left broken
With no one else to hold on
But himself.

I wanted to comfort him.
I wanted to tell him
That there will be someone
Who will love him truthfully.
Aug 2015 · 1.1k
Simple Hello
Starztruck Aug 2015
Your simple messages,
A little Hi and Hello.
Things that I need,
Everyday I am waiting.

Waiting for you,
Hoping that you,
Think a little bit of me
In your everyday.

I was so drawn to you.
I can't save myself
Neither can you.
Help me. Help me.

I am falling for you.
Aug 2015 · 2.0k
Starztruck Aug 2015
Looking at my phone
Waiting for any messages
I might receive from you
But nothing came.

I am waiting in vain
Thinking how you are
And what are you doing right now
I can't even know

Are you okay?
Are you thinking of me too?
Do you ever had a thought of me?
Because I do every single minute.
Aug 2015 · 3.7k
loving someone else
Starztruck Aug 2015
Do you know how hard it is to watch the person you love, love someone else?
Do you even see the pain in my eyes when I look at you?
I am so close, I can touch you, I can feel you
but I can never have you.

There were queries left unanswered.
Excruciating pains that my heart felt when I am with you
and you're thinking of her.
You kiss me like I was her.
You made me her replacement but until the end,
I can never be her.
You can never love me.
I can never feel your love.
Aug 2015 · 314
Starztruck Aug 2015
Tonight i'm writing for you.
Still trying to figure out to forget you.
Remembering the days we were together
How i wish we are forever.

Baby, don't you know this is so hard.
I want to hold you so tight,
So tight that i could assure myself you won't leave me.

I was so afraid that this time will come.
That you'll leave me all behind.
Why did you do this to me?
I miss you so come back to me.
Aug 2015 · 264
Could it be?
Starztruck Aug 2015
He was so close,
I never thought it will be him.
The guy whom I barely talk,
Who i just shared a smile
Each time I saw him.

The guy who puts a smile on my face,
Made my day since
He started to walk in my life.
Never knew he could be the one.

Maybe it could be him.
I am afraid I might fall.
Fall and get stupid,
Get hurt and became miserable again.

Could it be him?

— The End —