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Starztruck Feb 2016
I knew this day would come.
When I will feel important and loved.
The feeling is worth all the pain and heartaches.
I wish this last a lifetime.
daily notes
Starztruck Dec 2015
I never imagined meeting you.
You were the least of my choices,
But right now you are the only person I want to choose.
Despite of everything.

I never imagined, I could take all this pain.
Pains you have caused.
I never thought, I could still forgive someone.
Not until I met you.
Starztruck Sep 2015
I'm not just happy to be with you. I am thankful because you came into mylife. It changed a bit, but that change was for the better. I love being with you all the time. You never fail to make me smile my love. I want the future with you. It is so uncertain, but I like the plans we've made. I wanna make it happen. I wanna be with you through thick and thin. I'll be your biggest fan and your number 1  supporter.

I love you and thankyou leo.
  Sep 2015 Starztruck
♦   ♦   ♦

She was an earnest devotée.
Her ideals, birthed in Chardonnay
were globally diverse (read: white).
A liberal bark preceded bite.
Her crystal clearer than her vision;
she provoked bemused derision
as she breathed intolerance
toward all who would not dance her dance.
She swooned for distant pagan tribes,
attuned to their exotic vibes –
rapt in multi-culti piety
strangely deaf to her own society,
judged by her as abomination;
unredeemed. The background station
always stuck on N.P.R.
(the soundtrack of her culture war,
Pacifica News and Democracy Nows,
and other progressive holy cows)
Her motherland a shameful mystery:
guilty first, and void of history –
its origins defiled, corrupted…
while she enjoyed uninterrupted
freedom to pursue her whims:
misguided one-world global hymns.
The sisterhood of hu(man) kind
was foremost in her earnest mind –
even should that same sisterhood
be sealed by her well-meaning blood.
Out on a date with global death
she hoped to unify the earth
in solidarity with causes
led by killers, warlord bosses,
thugs she never knew existed
who, if she’d met she’d have resisted.
Her theory landed far from her praxis
spun, by default, on an evil axis.
Hot with zeal she fumed and stormed
quite certain she was well-informed,
at benefits, non-profit functions
rallies, boycotts, left-wing luncheons;
warm with righteous spite for Israel,
aiding and abetting Ishmael
with fellow-travelers, like-minded
similarly hateful, blinded,
rattling sabers, scimitars, axes…
(lunacy never wanes, but waxes
hotter with the passing years
as activists confront their fears).
She finally shilled for the Intifada
(stopping short of reciting Shahada),
reaching out to the terrorist
with righteous raised progressive fist…
offering thus her neck to blade:
collateral to be repaid
by murderers who couldn’t care less
about her open-mindedness.
Starztruck Sep 2015
Sa bawat paghinga ko, iniisip kita.
Hindi ko maalis ang lungkot saking mata.
Tuwing naalala ko ang mga araw na magkasama tayo.
Masayang alaala na hindi ko mapagtanto.

Ano ba ang kulang?
Hindi ako siya.
Pero higit ako sa kanya.
Bakit hindi mo makita?

Nasasaktan ako dahil mahal kita.
Pero mas masakit na mahal mo parin siya.
Ang lungkot ng buhay ko.
Kahit kelan kaibigan mo lang ako.
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