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 Sep 2017 Grace
Summer rain
 Sep 2017 Grace
The rain smells
a strong, pungent scent, mixed with honeysuckle and leaves that it touches, left weeping and bent
The warm asphalt hums, then ripples of thunder, loud
The drops are heavy now and the sky consumed by cloud
It seeps onto our freckles and soaks our hair
But this is summer rain and we don't care
It leaves as quickly as it came
I can still feel it in the air, the smell of summer rain
 Sep 2017 Grace
Arjun Tyagi
Blue so perfect it looked
The Greys dormant,
Like ash on my tongue.
Bare since eternity,
With storm-wrinkles now and then,
Wonder how often the sky
Is a baby and old again.
The Black so deep,
Deeper than Hades' Keep.
The Silver so fine,
Blinds a cat's eye.
Still bare since eternity,
With a pattern of utmost conformity,
Wonder how the same sky
Is beautiful yet marred with deformity.

— The End —