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 Jan 2017 June
JB Claywell
How many of these old notebooks
have I thrown away?

How many times have I told myself
that I’m not worth putting down on

that hell,

I’m hardly worth putting down?

I keep picking them up,

99¢ at any good pharmacy.

$1.25 at an office supply store.

No matter where I get the pulp from,
it’s medicine.

Any time I doubt it,
pitching them
is fever.

Tylenol won’t work,
only ink.


- JBClaywell
© P&ZPublications; 2017
First new poem of 2017
 Jan 2017 June
Kennedy Lambert
When you are feeling

When you can not comprehend

When the world seems to be

The only person
She's ever been unkind to,
Is herself.

By Lady R.F ©2016
 Dec 2016 June
Maddii Lloyd
i found the devil
i found him in a lover

Pale mulberry was the sky,
No bird dared to fly!
Thus all seemed wrong,
But then, you came along
Suddenly like summer rain
And quelled away my pain.


Velvet blue was the sky,
No bird dared not to fly!
Thus all seemed right,
And as pure as a cloud in white,
When suddenly like the rainbow,
You quelled away thy heavenly glow.


Dark grey is the sky,
No bird seems to ever fly!
Athwart my wild blue yonder
Where I, indignantly do ponder
Night and day wondering why,
We can't give it just one more try.


Pitch black is always the sky,
But, faster than any bird I'll fly!
Swifter than a scudding cloud
Whilst calling upon you so loud,
All the way to a strange plain,
Just to ever feast about you again.


Magenta magic will always be the sky,
When once again we'll merilly fly!
Then, flowers once again shall bloom,
To see you and me as bride and groom
By a placid Mulberry Moon on the rise,
To kindle our enchanted paradise.

©Kikodinho Alexandros
Jumeira, Dubai
1st December 2016
***!!! Can't really believe it that among the myriads upon myriads of beautiful poems here at HP, this poem has turned up the daily. Thank you so much dear friends to have catapulted me to stardom for the second time...I'm really all gratitude.

 Dec 2016 June
I cling onto you too tightly.
I leave lines of blood on your hips
Whenever you pry me away from you
Long enough that we're separated.
You're my only lifeline these days;
The grass and the mud that I grab hold of,
Something to help pull myself up
From the river I've fallen into.
You're the pen I can never put down;
Even when inspiration doesn't hit
Or forcing out uncomfortable truths hurts,
It brings me a comfort I can't relinquish.
You're the shotgun in my hands.
From the muzzle that I put in my mouth
To the trigger that I hold onto
Tighter than anything else you ever gave me.
And I hold onto it so tightly
That your trigger is pulled further away from me,
The rest of you coming closer to messing up my mind,
And it's OK,
Because you're the only thing I have left to hold onto.
 Aug 2015 June
 Aug 2015 June
Enter the designer:
"Move gracefully while ties bind you suspended  with 2 swords pointing at your throat
don't forget to show your fierce face while upside down and flopping uncontrollably
you must be my definition of perfection.
Now lose 5 pounds for my needle and thread cannot conform to your body!
It is my garment you must fit not the other way around!
Walk the catwalk and toss your hips to and fro, you are not good enough!
Chin down darling it is so much more becoming.
Oh how I'd wished you wore a shorter top making your legs run on for miles and miles.
Your plunging neckline becomes you since you have nothing up top.
Stick to greens mostly, a little mint and sage should spice up that lettuce bowl and drink nothing but water now I wouldn't want you to spoil the seams I've sewn for you"

Bone structures and pouting lips,
thigh gaps and protruding hips,
tiny waist lines and judding shoulders

You are Barbie, plastic as can be
you are a paper doll majesty

Dressing you up, dress you down  
Don't dare grow old so don't let your hair down
There shall be no relaxing for you
From your high cheek bones to your flawless skin tone.

**Modeling icon of anorexia for generation upon generation
for little girls with dyslexia of the natural body image
Creating dysfunction in societies views
of what health and beauty is to all girls.
 Aug 2015 June
jack of spades
I'm a Barbie Girl,
in a Barbie World.
Life's fantastic: I
feel like plastic,
aiming for an eighteen-inch waist because I can afford to throw my internal organs away.
I feel like plastic,
having to choose
between eating and breathing with not enough space for two tubes.
I feel like plastic,
a thirty-nine inch bust and three times the forehead.
I feel like plastic,
a size nine squeezed to a three, spending
three to nine avoiding mealtime because my weight loss book says
'Don't eat.'
I'm a Barbie Girl,
in a Barbie World.
Life's fantastic, but...
I'm not plastic.
I've sat here listening while you complain about society but I don't think you realize that
society is made by you.
You complain about masks but you're masked by your poetry and
trust me,
it's trendy:
A bottle of capsules captures your soul and your dreams,
I cannot be defined because a definition leaves no room for change and I
am a flame,
ready to burn the cardboard box of priority you put over me.
All the cool kids are lesbians and thespians on about repressions
and I care,
I do,
I mean... I'm standing here among you.
But words are just air.
You can stand on this stage and tell me I'm beautiful, but
I am more than my face so
disregard my mild distaste for your
inspirational speech.
Now, this...
This isn't a call for help.
This is a call to arms.
is a battle cry because
am sick of waiting for a future that should've happened yesterday.
So use this air to live the words you say and
Do not soothe, because we've already been cocooned by soothed reality in
Johnson County.
I'm a real girl,
in a real world.
Life's fantastic, and I
refuse to be plastic,
aiming for generic weight range based on content, not scale number.
I refuse to be plastic,
a neck moulded perfectly for both eating and breathing so I don't have to choose.
I refuse to be plastic,
a bust that you don't need to be sizing
when I've got eyes
a green not of romanticized meadows but of drunken
I refuse to be plastic,
a size nine foot in a size nine shoe,
spending three to nine
enjoying my meal times,
because my weight loss book is
chucked down the chute.
I'm a living girl
in a beautiful world.
Life's fantastic,
because I'm not plastic.
highlight of my career ****
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