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Nancy Starry Sep 2017
Sometimes I look back and I still see you
We change
But the feelings are the same
The story was never easy
But maybe that's the best part to recall
We were not meant to be
Not yet, not now...
But maybe the other day
Who knows
In another sunrise
Nancy Starry Sep 2017
It's not that I fall in love too much or too easy
I just adore human's body
Their shape
Warmth of the skin
How some of them smooth
How some of them rough
The colors of sunshine and dark night
Make my mind wanders
Like the spring I bloom
Then the petal falls like autumn
As I my fate moves
And my mind touched all over again
Like the phases of the moon
Nancy Starry Jun 2017
A road trip with someone
Driving along the long road
Listening to our favorite songs
Singing in the car
Wearing my sundress
Taking polaroid pictures
Standing on field of flowers
Looking back with shy smile
Wearing flower crown
Lying on the mandala blanket
Reading poetry books
Looking at the blushing sky
Watching the sun disappear
Light up candles inside the lanterns
Sleeping under the stars
Talking about life and dreams
Making memories
And forgetting the world
Nancy Starry Jun 2017
Are you happy?
Are you happy with me?
Because my thought haunts me
That probably somewhere
There is someone else who could makes you happier than I do
And it terrifies me
I can not promise you today
I can not promise you tomorrow

All I know is...
That when our hearts attached to each other
And our hands holding one another
We could survive the storms together
And anchored in the beautiful islands
Like we always do for thousand of days

Last night I saw you sleeping
Are you dreaming of our dreams?
Discovering our fine days
Looking at the blue sky
Laying on the field of daisies
Because I am dreaming too
On a starry night
Laying on the beach with you
Kissing under the shining milky way
Nancy Starry Jun 2017
It is for her birthday
Drawing eyeliner
Like she is painting her most beautiful dreams
Ruby red on her lips
Vivid as blood that flow trough her veins
Rich as roses
Bold, brave and blooming

Black lace dress on her skin
Her heart is purest pearl
The everlasting jewelry
So deep down in the ocean
Only few could perceive

But today she is clueless
Blowing candles
Counting numbers
Making wishes
That the burdens be washed away
For the next years to come
She would really dress up and celebrate her self aging
Youthfully, happily, gracefully
Sharing birthday cake with real laughter
On June 6
Nancy Starry May 2017
When your feelings spilled
But you lost all the words
It's stuck in your heart
In your mind..
Like an old star
It's going to explode

For me today
It's a tired body and soul
Being in the place I don't belong
Colors fade
Dreams dying

Haunted by the future
Tired of letting go
Making peace with disappointments
Unsatisfied thirst
A caged love
Nancy Starry Apr 2017
I know some people with heart so far from the darkness
Soul bright as sunshine
Loneliness is a stranger

Somedays I wish to be those people
Seeing only skin
Didn't notice signs
Wearing rose colored glasses
Not knowing the tired eyes

But most of time
I love the darkness
The feeling of loneliness is terrible
But somehow there are flowers grow beautifully from it

Then I realize
It's not my dark soul
It's not my sad eyes
It's my mind who recognize both Sunshine and storm
Rainbow and thunder
Flowers and soil
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