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 Oct 2016 Janessa
Haha well okay, so I have this thing for fairy tales, and I love reading them. Sooooooooo cause I'm selfish ;) I want you guys to write a fairy tale. It can be based on something real or fake, but this is open to all interpretations, from old fairy tale cliches and writing styles, to a more modern take on it. Prose is good, but poetry is okay as well ^^ Tag it as #fairytalechallenge. Feel free to message me with questions, and to have fun with it, there are no boundaries!
Good luck and have fun! :D
pwetty pwease do dis challenge for meh? :3 cx
 Aug 2016 Janessa
jeffrey conyers
Not by the law.
But by me.
You are wanted.
Yes, you are needed.

Oh, think you not.
Then watch me beg and plead.
You are wanted.
Yes, you needed by me.

Like flowers in need of rain.
Like arms in need of hugs and more.

You are something to adore and explore.
Your voice was a quiet calm
a prelude to darker skies and
the storms you kept hidden
beneath cumulus smiles

You called me a storm chaser
maybe you were right, love
because I've always found the sound of rain
on hardened surfaces soothing

The gentle way water
patiently waits, biding its time
till even rock gives way and surrenders
forming mountains, and rivers deep

This is how canyons are formed
deep rifts within the soul
with nothing left to bridge the divide, pursuit becomes impossible
but maybe that was the goal all along

Maybe I pursued you knowing that you'd run
and you became my rainbow
Because you knew, no matter how close I think I am..

we'll always still be miles apart
Written by B. Dixon
January 21, 2015
 Apr 2016 Janessa
Ree Bunch
I am....
 Apr 2016 Janessa
Ree Bunch
I am a woman,
confirmed by intricate womanly organs.
I am a woman,
Whose heart has been stolen.

I am a woman,
Who looks upon her husband’s soul.
I am a woman,
Trying to comprehend contentment’s goal.

I am a woman,
Running from society’s judging eyes.
I am a woman,
That sometimes cuddle with lies.

I am a woman,
Looking underneath broken shards to find faith.
I am a woman,
That understands the wisdom of what Jesus paid.

I am a woman,
That believed I was damaged to the highest degree.
I am a woman,
Whose flaws shaped me into plain, exquisite Ree!
 Apr 2016 Janessa
jeffrey conyers
Many women speaks about what they gained.
A compliment to them in various ways.
Look down not on a man with less.
In truth many of them are your best bet.

But women dates according to others views.
If he a good representation of you to you know who?

Some women loves to rub it in about being self significant.
But cries when he refuses to pay totally for the date.
After all it's most a moment used to be each other bait.
And hope you reel in your final choice.

Many women talk about what they have?
But many good men tries to avoid them cause they don't like to share.
But gets upset when he states exactly what is his in a relationship?

Most women and that's not all.
Loves to state they looking for a King.
But wasn't your first love using that title too.

Only was he dethrone when he decided to leave you
Or maybe him.
Life is often dark for
those that dream

brighter for those born
kings and queens

brighter yet for the ones
that find beauty in all things
 Sep 2015 Janessa
Kerry Mckie
She breathes fire burning everyone with her words for fun. And just when you think that she’s stopped, you’ll soon realise that she’s only just begun. Oh dragon lady, won’t you ever stop? No, don’t you dare have another pop. For I can be much harsher than you, you won’t want to see what I can do. So come on then, what have you got? I already know the answer, it is diddly squat.
 Aug 2015 Janessa
Tried to
Go home to
A place I loved
Taste the home cooking
And catch up with old friends
Some people will never change
But the food doesn't taste the same
It used to taste like love and respect
It leaves
A bitter
Taste in my mouth
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