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star 1d
i yearn for the feel
of fresh air on my face
grass at my feet
birds chirping softly

as the earth hums a lullaby
and i am swept away
like a leaf in a thunderstorm

i belong with the stars
and with the night sky

i belong to the forest
and the sands of time

take me home
star Jul 21
as dawn breaks
on our bare skin

like fine fractals of gold

feel me yield
to your exquisite choreography

together we will breathe poetry
perfect cursive strokes of ink
guide my hand

the colour of desire i carry within
only dusk knows
star Jul 21
i’m from innocent eyes
and a million hospital wires
in a tiny broken body

i’m from girls are better than boys
and use your inside voice
from sharpies and expo markers

i’m from the tall oak tree
struck by lightning
whose long-gone limbs
i remember as though
they were my own

i’m from everyday competitions
from spontaneous bursts of i got it
from ripped cards put messily together
from masking tape creations just because

i’m from the beach and the coast
where orange palms kiss the horizon
from the distant throb of sirens
lighting up the sky red and blue

i’m from crying over sandcastles
even after hearing my mother tell me
some things aren’t meant to last

i’m from memories
waiting to be found again
star Jul 19
roses aren’t red
they vary in colour

violets aren’t blue
they’re purple

i have ocd
star Jul 12
i’m sorry
not for being who i am

i’m sorry
that you didn’t know
how to be a good parent

i’m sorry
that you’ll never get
a chance to apologise

i’m sorry
that i’m cutting this off

i’m sorry
that i’m not really sorry
but i don’t regret it

those days
of me coming running back to you
are over

because after all these years
i realised
it’s not me
it’s you
for anyone who ever felt like everything was their fault
star Jul 11
he was like a ghost
slipping from my fingertips

no matter how close i was
he was always as far
as the stars
that sang me to sleep
star Jul 11
it is morning
or is it night?
the sun shines but so does the moon
quiet resides in this house
but i am thinking

about myself
about you
about everyone and everything but also about no one and nothing

i am at peace but my mind is jumbled but i am at peace

i am thinking about
things i wish i had done differently
things i wish i had done better
and things i wish i hadn’t done

what does it mean to be wrong
when nothing feels right?
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