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Star Eyes Aug 29
it lies entombed in fabric and stale air
the fire arms swaddled in cotton shields
scalding, the guilt, huddled and shining fair
the narrow, long weapon it finds it wields

disgust, at itself
set back on the shelf
dives back in the sea
of cloth Calliope

though arduous, the work to quench the flames’
thirst would fruit with cool, gentle blossomed rose
they wilt into an ****, blackened shame
with scarlet spark still glowing ‘neath their throes

it found a better way-
let cooling comfort stay
fire cannot fight flame
and burn cannot beat blame
in which fire symbolizes so many things it is actually ridiculous. also, it’s very edgy.

seriously though if someone wants to do a symbolic analysis go for it. i shoved so much random stuff into this
Star Eyes Mar 17
There was a short moment, the other day
My work had ended- free and lone, I played
The strings vibrated in the plastic air
Sudden, my mind posed a question: "Do we care?"

I looked down and observed some flesh and bone
But it did not register as my own
Shapes swirled around me; no meaning attached
I glanced about, but felt as if detached

'My' room, 'my' song, 'my' life; they were just shapes
An absent sense of dread with no escape
The world ground on, but I, the husk, was still
There's nothing here, so I say come what will-

A voice of reason, hiding in my soul
Reached out to make the husk and the heart whole
Blinking, 'I' returned back to my pain
The thoughts once dispatched, now attached again
there was this moment the oher day where I was playing my guitar and then I looked at my hands, but they weren't my hands. Just... shapes. Holding more shapes.
I don't know how to describe it other than the normal human meanings we attach to things just... weren't there. It wasn't my room. It wasn't a room. It was just shapes. I don't know how else to describe it.
It didn't last long- somehow, I ****** myself out of it... but the feeling still hangs there in the back of my mind.
Star Eyes Mar 15
You love me? I love me, too.
We have something in common.
Let's be friends, until the end.

You hate you? I hate you, too.
We have yet more in common.
Let's be brothers, you and I.
I don't really know why almost every freakin poem on this site is a free-verse, romantic poem. I don't mind it, I guess??

I did a sort of parody on it, ha- though I love my meters too much so I put seven syllables per line anyway...

This is, like, the ultimate friend zone poem X'D
Star Eyes Mar 14
The phoenix burned, once more returned, from fiery pyre aflame
With wings outstretched, soared o’er land wretch’d, seen, by the bird, as the same
old forests of past, which never could last 'gainst nature's violent outlashes
Yet in dreams surviving, defiant, and thriving; though the air still reeked of ashes

The scorching sunset cast its melting gold net o’er the equally, if not more scorched earth
Night's moon and day's star hung above the earth's scar; two eyes judging the wasteland's worth
They deemed it as decent, though the charring of recent corrupted their judgement in part
And through the cloud's pain, the celestial rain cascaded down to the wood's heart

The tears of the sky rinsed the aching dirt dry, and quenched its desperate dreams
The caked floor, satiated, filled up and inflated with life bursting at its seams
Beneath vanished leaves, under wire canopies, green shoots had begun to grow
The Phoenix, all seeing, saw the passionate being of the young plants below.

The forest will burn as time’s wheels turn, evermore reaching its end
Everything dies, yet The Phoenix still flies, watching all birthed again.
This is sort of a first draft...? I might rewrite the poem and make it better one day but at the moment it's also technically a finished poem.

I guess it's about humanity, sort of- with the Phoenix as humanity, burning the forest down itself and then blaming it on nature; then regaining inspiration as the world is reborn.

I liked the idea of the sun and the moon acting as eyes which weep when it rains, so I kept it in- for now, at least.
Star Eyes Mar 13
Two roses intertwine, becoming one;
their fragile petals thirsting for the sun.
They lift each other’s leaves up to the light;
and so, together, blossom through the night.
This poem's meaning is really up to you. You can even take it literally if you'd like.
I tried to express the feeling of two entities, both broken or fragile or vulnerable for some reason, helping each other through some period of time. The circumstance and nature of the relationship between the entities can change; the poem still applies.
I named it 'Symbiosis', because that is the most summarized form of what this poem was intended to describe. [In biology, a symbiotic relationship is when two organisms assist one another, such as a fish eating the parasites and such off another fish. One fish gets food and the other food gets cleaned.]

I tried to add some visual poetry, too, with each line looking a little longer than the previous line in a sort of stair-step pattern - as if you could climb up and be triumphant.

oh, and yeah this is iambic pentameter... heh

— The End —