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 Dec 2016 Dara Brown
blue mercury
if i was tinier, i could float away, heavier, i could stand my ground. but until then, i'll just have to stick with being in a limbo between stuck in a ditch and too far gone.

you. you should be nothing to me but the paint chipping off the wall, the broken blind hanging on just barely, the glow in the dark sticker just peeling off the ceiling. but you're not. you are 'i love you' written in the notebook of mine that i keep on the shelf. you're gone too soon in the trail of my mind, you're i love you, i miss you, and 'what the heck is wrong with me?' what's wrong with me?

i grew up in the peach state
back in a small town
where nobody knew your name
unless you were someone
and i wasn't anyone
not anyone important anyway

ooh, take me back to the summer babe
ooh, 'cause everybody knew my name
when i was with you.
take me back, take me back to june

i grew up in a small house,
back in a small town,
where georgia was on your mind
unless you wanted to leave
half of us wanted to leave
leave old georgia behind

ooh, take me back to the summer babe
ooh, 'cause everybody knew my name
when i was with you.
take me back, take me back to june

the floor has started to puddle with my teenage angst that's dripping down the wall and it sticks to my con-clad feet and later to my fingers, and i think this mess is what i got myself into, but i can always get myself out.
off single #2 "june" on bandcamp:
 Feb 2016 Dara Brown
Oh, hello lovely thing.
I want you to know that every time I close my eyes
I think of you
and I imagine your words are whispered to me
through each gentle breeze.
I can picture your gorgeous face,
and deep, sad eyes,
and I can see you're the most beautiful poem
ever written.
And every time I read your lines,
I linger on every word,
for I am truly overwhelmed by you.
There's never been a poem like you
and I suppose that's why
I cannot get you
off my mind.
I really admire the poetry that you are. The way you radiate it is beautiful.
Your hair, your eyes, a jawline to die for, soft curves, a perfect nose, are all written elegantly. The way you're so deep, wise, caring, sweet, and simply wonderful are some of the most fantastic lines I have ever read.
 Feb 2016 Dara Brown
I know what I need
when I'm under the weather
but there's no unit of measure

It seems to be
an in or out -
all or none
- on or off
kind of rush

You can't crush it
to snort it or shoot it
or put it on your tongue
(though I did that once
and it was fun)

OD-ing can damage your heart
and withdrawal's a *****
if you stop once you've started

I'd do much better
writing love letters
if I could only have it
10 mg at a time.
For Creek
we had one night
and it came and went like a wave on the shore
with nothing to show,
except what you and i know to be true

we had one night, just one
five entire years in the making
when we existed entirely at a precipice –
hot breath on my neck (yours) fingers inching up my sleeve (yours)
the suspense was killing me

we had one night
one night when everything could have changed
and i suppose it did,
because we haven’t spoken in a year
i don’t think i’ve gone a day without wondering how you are

i hope you’re happier,
i hope you’re found what you were looking for,
that unnameable thing you tried and failed to find in me that night

i hope we meet again

i also hope we don’t,
i know you understand
for m
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