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Stanley Mungai Mar 2020
See the mighty tremble.
Earthlings shaken dumb,
Winged Creatures flee at his sight,
for their flight is just
a grasp away,
from the Kraken.
Fire from their mouth,
just a flicker,
before the fiery wash
of the Kraken.
For there is a Kraken in every ground,
a leviathan in every sea.
Stanley Mungai Oct 2017
The sunset calling birds home
And winged creatures to rise.
Bidding earthlings farewell,
Arousing the next hemisphere to light.
Home coming to us,
Tugging our beings to freedom.
Stanley Mungai Jun 2016
Wrapped in the fireplace
of your arms. Warmed by
the trust in your smile.
The night and our love

Are acquainted. You cuddle close
and feel my heart. I brush your
hair away from your face.
The window and the rain

Are old friends. Soft candlelight
washes over our skin,
soft music over our repose.
The ambiance and timing

Couldn't be better. I look
down at you, you're falling asleep.
I kiss your forehead
and whisper, Sleep well.

With eyes closed, you sigh
and reply, Then don't go.
Stanley Mungai Jun 2012
Upon the arboreal dozed and limb,
Extended coccyx serpentine loose,
Throne of inspection, tenet and dumb
Stillness hunts akin stealthy Mongoose;

Except for the natal locomotive
Soft deep sufficiently immense purr
Emanating from some industry; effective
In the cover of the thick supple fur.

The lord of his unconquered empire,
Thrives on flesh and quenches on milk,
Wintering unperturbed reading the fire
That flickers, gleaming his bed of silk.

Ever landing on appendage quadruple
Acrobatic athlete not soiling once his back
Consummating in strict concealment marble
Couch of perpetual indulgence buried black.
Stanley Mungai Jun 2012
My two decades of existence
Keeps me glued to the classroom furniture
And the male colleagues too
Not leaving behind the city lady
The holidays argue out my freedom
And am let loose into the countryside
To the domicile of origin.

This company that I need so.
Of the human species **
Looking for all but to naught.
They all be teen mothers
Trampled roses, imprisoned souls
I miss the beauty of the flowers
And the noise of ****** laughter
Cruelly held away from me
By these a bit too early mothers.

Nothing seems to get better,
For the light denied countrysiders
Will a sight appear in the sky?
Or an angel drop from the heavens
To bring a huge handed message
To grab the fifteen years old woman
Back to the classroom
So that am not a grandfather
At thirty years of age
Slacken your pace oh teenage woman!
*The African girls are opting to get Married off instead of schooling to escape poverty and as a result of peer pressure.*
Stanley Mungai Jun 2012
Scatter and throw,
Seed to sow,
Virtue to grow,
Schoko pro,
I love you so!
Stanley Mungai Jun 2012
Horror horror horror
Sorrow sorrow sorrow
Why did it have to happen?
You birds in the air
What were you doing that you did not sing
Songs to keep our dad from leaving
To hold him a little bit longer
Listening to your sweet moving melodies
And you sun
Oh mighty ruler of the daylight
What were you doing at the tropic of Cancer?
When he fell to the dreadful cancer?
Pass on to Capricorn and do not hover
Above the region of the equator.

You are to blame you stars
That moved your wings so gaily
And caused your eyes to twinkle so merrily
That you got the attention of our beloved father
Caused him to leave us
Mesmerized by your beauty
Hide your fire you stars
And keep the charm of your beauty
To them that are worth its attention

But why our dad?
Who had given all to charity?
Sacrificed what a man can’t; a family
And got a larger one of twelve thousands
Taught us how to live
And lighted the path of glory for us
Our hearts are stone-heavy
At the loss of our beloved dad
We loved you dad and still do
And know that you loved us too
But it had to happen, rest in peace.

And you moon
You know how he loved to smile
Then you stole the chance
And smiled so charmingly wide
When all his sons were asleep
And your charm attracted our father
To come to the broad heavens above
You are to blame too.

But I now give you the assignment
You heavenly dwellers
All who contributed
To the departure of our dad
Sun shine upon him all the days
And make your sister the moon
And her maidens the stars
To attend to him for eternity
Oh mighty ruler of the daylight
Make the birds to entertain him
Till all of us meet him some day
Let your golden rays surround him in majesty
Give him your seven-colored scarf
The rainbow medal
For a life lived to the fullest
And for a race run, completed and won
We shall miss you Geoffrey Griffin
Rest in peace dad.
*Dr. Geoffrey William Griffin the Director and founder of Starehe Boy's Center And school. You were an inspiration to the entire World by your show of Kindness to Poor destitute Boys. Rest In peace*
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