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Stanislav Jun 20
Overwhelmed white and thin;
days of wrinkled sheets of paper.
The golden pen gets out of ink-
so many mistakes in the eraser.

When l think about the stars
And how far away they are...

I start wand'ring in fear
and I can't find my place
Since you disappeared
there's gloom in my days

The headache shuts my eyes
and I press my fingers to my nose
The pain makes me realise
without you I'm desperately lost
Stanislav Jun 18
Clear blue skies;
under the coconut trees
I’m taking a selfie.
Stanislav Jun 11
A ******* a bicycle
passes me by and says hello.
I utter a puzzled Hi
Stanislav Feb 15
Not everything is perfect
Smooth and silky like your skin
There's a serious defect
You are cold from within

— The End —