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  Jun 2015 Stace
Its weird to go from having so many friends
To sitting alone at lunch
Wondering why I even bother
  Jun 2015 Stace
Alvira Perdita
I wrote how I felt
on a small slip of paper
and I threw it
into the ocean
to never been seen
Stace Jun 2015
you carry your past on your shoulders
and never understand why people ask
why you no longer smile like you used to
Stace May 2015
Pull me like a string,
watch as I disintegrate
under your touch
Try and put my pieces back together,
get angry when they
no longer fall where you want
Tell me you love me,
turn your back and leave
without a word
I can still feel the stitches of your touch,
serving as a constant reminder
that for you,
*I could never be enough
  May 2015 Stace
IL Mare
He had reasons
But I had none
A lot of questions
He'd become

We had memories
So we aren't really strangers
But then he looks at me
Like I'm the only one who can remember
Stace May 2015
I saw you in my dreams again
the first time in months
I guess my dreams no longer know you like I do
They still crave your presence
and welcome your smile
Back when your arms never felt hollow
before our smiles faded
and promises became harder to follow
My dreams no longer acknowledge that world
they have chosen to forgive you
because I never could
All along I just needed to
forgive myself
So I no longer blame you
for the things that could not be changed
I'll bite my lip and never speak these words
and instead,
**I will see you in my dreams.
Stace May 2015
Write me a book,
Call it:
"All the Ways I Was Unable to Love You."
List the reasons
why it was all my fault
Tell them about
the impossible pedestal
you placed me on
Describe the way my hands shook
trying to put your pieces
back together,
and how I no longer knew
whose hands were bleeding
I never wanted to change you,
I just wanted to be enough
to fill your emptiness
But the the void became to deafening,
and with your brokenness suffocating me,
I used my last breath to say
"Im sorry."

*-I was always sorry for your mistakes
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