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 Jul 2019 S S
 Jul 2019 S S
My emotions rule my mind
my brain lives between my legs
Blind devotion is my sight
if you'll stay with me in bed

My arms are winter's embrace
I always have them wrapped
The chills keep you in grace
while my fingers keep you rapt

My mouth, a serpent den
sparking silver charm galore
My tongue twists round itself
tied in efforts to adore

My worship signals ships of war
through seas of violent storms
A fairweather fleet, full and by
with you as the port of call

A simple harmonic motion
with the force to drown an ocean

One simple price to pay
to be the captain for a day
or is that disgrace?
 Feb 2019 S S
Sarita Aditya Verma
Many times
Running away from one’s own thoughts, feelings, emotions
To a quiet  
Neither seeking solitude, nor pacifying the turmoil
To assimilate
The flow
In the times of quiet
Some thoughts
 Feb 2019 S S
an angry wind blows by and sets you hair on fire
like autumn-leaf in flames you’re dragged on trails of ashes
a rain falls over us, a rain like a coarse choir
a rain that wets the soul & that the dark inspires

enraged, you tear the cloak of affection & care
& show a deeper flesh: the naked flesh of  pain
–gorgeous magnolia annoyed by sore, merciless sun
flower that hates the kissing of bright dew at the dawn

how young you look–oh my–when mad you never talk
how youngster I am too carrying with my hands
fresh songs, flowery lines in wild, perfumed, lush bunch
for that young queen of mine that free me without words:

my young girl of the combatant, dominant wimp & cry
that gets  all what she wants with the smile of her eyes
 Feb 2019 S S
Mark Kelley
 Feb 2019 S S
Mark Kelley
“Partners “

     Until the stars fall
         Hear the wind call us
           See it written in the sky

       It seems our lives have been
        Since the very day we
     To make our journey through this life

Anywhere it will lead us
      Every phase we go through
     I’ll be here beside you
Until we reach our journey’s end

Like stars within a constellation
Until we reach our destination
Until our last card has been played

Anywhere it will lead us
      Every phase we go through
     I’ll be here beside you
Until we reach our journey’s end

    Before our paths crossed we were
   Our love has been alive forever
    And will be ‘til the end of time
    And will be ‘til the end of time
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