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Sky May 15
My thoughts are broken
and my words stay unspoken
Unable to use them as a token
of my frail beauty
I let them pass by
as I gaze at the sky
Sky May 14
Silence is hard to hear
it could make you go mad
but just if you’re not prepared
to face that huge fear.

Words are weapons
not easy to find
when lies and confusion
speak inside your mind.

Life is screaming for you to react,
you’re part of this endless war
that is a fact.

Follow your shadow,
don’t be afraid.
Let it guide you through the darkness
and panic will fade.

Look into the mirror
and then turn around
take in what makes you proud
then you’ll hear the sound.

Follow your shadow,
it’s the only way
to see the light and
feel the flow and
let it stay.
one of my first poems :)
Sky May 14
Cold and callous he approaches
as the night falls.
He’ll conquer this vast kingdom
as darkness calls.

You can run
but he’ll catch up,
try to hide
and he’ll find out
or stand up to fight:
you’d lose your light
in the black midnight.

There’ll be no mercy when he comes.
Bend down, surrender!
Of all your kingdoms
He’ll be the ender.

Though this fierce knight has a frail side
one he desperately tries to hide:
a heart made of stone and cold
that can’t be touched nor consoled.

— The End —