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S Rose Oct 2018
Please, good sir, do not hold me to the standards of my past.

Whittled away, I am approaching the infinite axis.

I’m only a ghost of who I was in previous moments.

Please don’t take the footsteps I tread yesterday

And fit them under the shadow that falls in front of me.

Though I find them both as extensions of myself,

Lying flat across the bare crest of the Earth,

They are destined to never be the same.
S Rose Oct 2018
You say we are in love.
I say I disagree.

Perhaps the oldest eyes on the earth
Can tell you what love truly is.

I may not suffice to write
A complete explanation

But I can tell you what I know
And what I know that is not.

Love needs no reminders
Tricks or ruses.

It is always there.
Ever present and constant.

A part of who we are
An endless chapter in the book of life.

Less a burning passion, but more a steady seed,
planted within, sprouting roots and leaves.

You say that we are in love
But I find this not true.

One of us is in love.
And it is not you.
S Rose Oct 2018
people see your skill

   and name it Talent

      in reality,

         Talent walked you to the door

            knocked twice,

               then disappeared

                  and you were left with Grit.
S Rose Oct 2018
Love me like a dandelion.
Bask in bright colors of the summer sun,
But appreciate the beauty of wintery whites
Then set me free with the wandering wind
Only to hope it begins again.
S Rose Sep 2018
My heart, it bleeds.
My mind keeps sending
These thoughts never-ending
As if a train-wreck of infinite cars.
How can I ever clean this mess up?
Or invent thoughts so long?
Or the words to a song?
That my ear needs.
S Rose Sep 2018
At least tell me...
Never knowing is the hardest chore.

Through my eyes,
You could be out with a friend,

You may have taken a leap,
Never to be seen again.

Perhaps you’ve decided,
We’ve come to our end.

‘Tis all fine, indeed.
But at least, tell me,
So I can finally be sane once more.
S Rose Sep 2018
They say true happiness
Is like the sun,
Rising—a lark, masking the dark.

Perhaps, but such joy is fleeting…

What’s lasting emotion?
Star in black sky,
Content with flight, through spectral night.
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