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Sri Shruthi Aug 2016
There, I met you,
Where I had the familiar sense,
that I have met you,
somewhere around the fence.

There, I saw you,
looking at me already,
that I heard you
doing all the makeovers ready.

There, I felt you
in me, that I fell in no second.
I want to live with you
my rest of my life in seconds.

There, I held you,
that the world turned upside-down.
Now that I get you,
for my lifetime, to find no clown.
Sri Shruthi Jul 2016
A year started with no expectation,
with little bit of tears
for i was a exception,
to relinquish, for years.

There you came, knowing nothing,
here, i fell for everything.
where would i go without your memories,
were i so crazy about the fairies.

My heart played tricks on me,
took me to a disneyland,
where i found a wonderland,
the butterflies flew all over me.

i kept dreaming on and on,
besides the hurt, fell in love again and again,
to find myself no gain again,
I still wanna go on and on.
Sri Shruthi May 2016
A body of different moves,
seems wrong around here,
isnt it? how do you see it?
calling them with different names.

A person of different likes,
not given the necessary facilities,
climbing up with all their efforts,
to end up with all the basic things.

A human of different organs,
nurtured, loved, raises to be
a superhuman, just like superman,
hold the hand, lead the life.

A heart of different wishes,
patted on the back to buckle up,
is what is to be done, for it wishes,
here I am, to love the different cups.
Sri Shruthi Apr 2016
I sat there for a long time,
thinking i have done some crime,
looking at all as prime,
forgetting that i am a dime.

a trace of light fell on me,
thinking it would be the flee,
for i start running towards the other me,
murmuring that was my only flee.

sitting in a dark room, on a bench,
changed me into a *****,
that i had turned into a clench,
here i am, never want to drench.
Sri Shruthi Mar 2016
Like the waves never forget
It's job, I never forget to think
About you, my love, all I needed
Was just you, my everything.

Like the clock's hands never forget
It's work, I never forget to rewind
Our memories, my love, all I needed
Was just the love, my everything.

Like the top companies have
Their turn, you left by a chance
Then, I realised I can't take it
That way, my everything.

Like the rainbow has different colours
I saw your true colours flying,
Then, I realised I can't stay with it
That way,  I left, my love.
Sri Shruthi Mar 2016
Although I have no glass stilettoes
Have the height to reach with my toes.
Despite, I never did chores,
I am the lion, that roar at fears.

Although I wasn't cursed to sleep years
To have a king to kiss my curses away,
I want to be a rat at least,
Just like in the tales.

Although I don't have the beautiful body,
I want just one and nobody else
like I appear to be those elves
None can see, yet can feel.
Sri Shruthi Mar 2016
I wanna fall in love
Like a drop of rain water into the sea
I wanna see nowhere
But just my own love to feel.

I want that love
Which will give peace
Warmth, like in those fairy tales
With me, nothing can be written called tales
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