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eloïse Jul 29
i know people say you won’t remember exactly what happened, but you will remember how it makes you feel like.

And i don’t like that.

I hate that I won’t remember it because i want to.

Because i want to remember how you make me so happy that i forgot life is short.
eloïse Jul 29
Exactly tell you
         How i feel
Whenever we are in the same room.
eloïse Jul 29
It’s not always lust when it comes to her.
It’s how she’ll look at me.
It’s how she’ll laugh at my silly jokes.
It’s how she’ll be doing random little things that’ll make me swoon.

It’ll be how soft her lips are,
How it feels like when our fingers intertwined.

Simple things such as getting to touch fer face,
Getting to comb her hair,
Drawing circles on her shoulder,

Most importantly,
“i was looking for you” from her,
“i’m so proud of you” from her,
“i miss you” from her,
“I love you” without having her to say it because i know she does.
i wrote this for the first girl I’ve ever loved.
eloïse Jul 20
you hurt me.

I loved you and you hurt me.
You hurt me
You hurt
eloïse Jul 19
i would still hold your hand
even when we have found
the way to escape the darkness.
eloïse Jul 19
i want to make him the happiest he's ever been.

because he has made me the happiest.
eloïse Jul 19
i tasted honey
as words dripped
out of my lips.

i thought it was fine.

until it landed on your tongue
and you tasted poison.

nothing was right ever since.
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